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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The two latest reviews from Mezco on their Toy Fair product review is none other than #2 MDS Batman '66 last Monday and this past Monday's #3 One 12 Captain Marvel!

Obviously, Adam West's Batman still has a huge following, and this MDS product captures the look brilliantly.  The fabric cape looks just amazing.  As far as the One 12 Captain Marvel, she's an absolute must have with the new movie coming out to theaters soon.  I love how they they decided to show her with her helmet on despite all the movie promos showing the lovely Brie Larson minus the helmet.  As with most One 12 figures, I expect swappable heads to give us a variety of choice as Mezco always does.

Which are you most excited about?!  See their fourth and final review on February 11th here.

Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest
Availble on the app store for iOS here.

The game originally released summer of last year has been on a commercial tear in other games.  You cannot play another game with ads and not have come across Empires & Puzzles.  Giving it a chance as a fan of puzzle games and RPGs the game seemed like a perfect mesh of genres for me to try.  Developed by Small Giant Games this is their first major game and it's a home run.  Currently rated 4.6 stars out of 5.0 stars on the iTunes store.

From the very start of the game there is a lot of resource management and building up your characters and buildings.  There's a variety of characters you can come across all randomly with their own unique skills.  You can face off against other live players and with the deep pool of characters and powers finding the perfect team is a challenge in itself.  You can also work with other players on challenges participating in wars with other alliances and against giant titans.  in other words, there's a whole to do in this game.

Graphics wise, there's not a whole lot revolutionary or eye popping to talk about.  Graphics are clean and nice especially for the character designs on the trading card like profiles and the cut animation scenes.  For the actual battle scenes and the resource management section, the graphics are a little less spectacular.  Aside from this, I would still recommend this game especially if you like a  good strategy game that can consume hours of your day. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Article and Photos by Alex M.

I recently picked up Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journey for the 3DS.  For those of you that remembered, this original came out on the original DS way back in February 2009.  This remake is available at Amazon or Walmart, retailing for $39.99, and was released mid January of this year.

Pros: Great remake. With solid choices for graphical enhancement. Game feels as good as it did almost 10 years ago.  New campaigns which adds more to the remaster purchase.  Playing as Bowser is the best part as always, with not many other games that let you play as him. I can only think of 2 others. Music is also great.

Cons: The game bugged a bit for me at start, often saying game wasn’t in the system while it totally was.  Of course it may just be a defect with my cartridge.  Otherwise no complaints.

I've beaten the game before on the old version but have yet to hear as this is a recent purchase.  I've also yet to finish the new campaign.  The game being as diverse as it is, is not repetitive at all and I cannot recommend this game enough if you're looking for a solid 3DS game.

Article and photo by Alex M.

If you've ever ordered a Hot Toys Sixth Scale Figure line you know the anticipation of a new release can be a long one as from announcement to actual release is usually several months.  But man did this blow away my expectations.  The likeness on this latest Chris Evans version of Captain America from the Avengers Infinity War blows the previous ones out of the water.  My largest pro would easily be the skin color of the figure which is much lighter than the previous versions which is more realistic in my opinion.  This is thanks to E-Lee who did the head paint on the figure, with the head sculpt by Yulli.  Yes the hair is plastic mold despite how realistic it looks.

My biggest gripe with this new high end collectible figure?  The shields.  In particular, it just wasn't easy at all to attach the shield to his arm.  If I wasn't more careful I could have easily broken the mold of the hand.  Other than that, I am just loving this new figure as I display it with my other Avengers Hot Toys figures.

The figure retails for $267 and is still available on Sideshow Toys website here.  The great thing about ordering now is that you don't have the long wait that I had to endure.  Now if I can one day get the base signed!

Article and photo by Stephen M. and Cynthia M.

The Lights of Broadway Showcards if you're not familiar with them features the brightest and best of Broadway for any season with artwork by artist Squigs.  Autumn 2018 is their latest set that came out in December of this past year.  Each pack comes with five cards with varying degrees of rarity.  Each pack retails for $5.00 plus tax.  You can find them online on their website here, or at the Shubert Alley store or Theatre Circle store in New York City. 

So what are the appeal of these cards?  From the artwork of Squigs, to the collectible nature of these trading cards of the biggest names in Broadway.  You can try getting them autographed and trading them with other fellow "light catchers."  Seeing the looks of the actors and actresses as they see the cards for the first time at the stage door and signing with glee.  That's just part of the fun in collecting these cards. 

What are the cons of these cards?  My two biggest gripes with be the thin card stock used.  I'm used to sports trading cards which are at least 3x thicker even on the "cheap" lines.  These cards just don't hold up well in transit and needs to be taken care of extra carefully.  My second gripe would be the collation of the cards in a box.  Purchasing the equivalent of a full box I received in some cases 4-5 of one card while receiving none of some other common cards.  In this case you can say perhaps I had some bad luck or that hey this promotes trading with other collectors (which I did by the way).  But normally when you buy as many packs I did you would expect to come as close to a full set as possible (excluding the rares).

Overall I still enjoy the set, especially the artwork and the autograph collecting aspect.  There are several Facebook groups that is part of the Lights of Broadway community that will help you with filling in your set as well as info on who is signing their cards and where the performers can be found.  Do you collect these cards?

Monday, January 28, 2019

Article by Stephen M. and Cynthia M.; Photo provided by Mezco Toyz

We are always excited for Toy Fair and Mezco's new offering for the new year.  Once again, Mezco is previewing what they're showing off at Toy Fair to the public on their blog found here -

Visit their blog each week for the newest review.  They're also doing giveaways each week on Mondays when you place an order and post a picture of your Mez-itz -

As you can see the first product review is none other than Jack Nicholson's Shining character Jack Torrance.  The film released in 1977 brought nightmares to many as the main protogranist and we cannot wait to see this figure in person!  Just look at the eyes!

Article by Stephen M and Cynthia M.  Photo by Cynthia M. and Lego Shop.

The Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Mini Figures mystery bags came out last summer but with the recent Crimes of Grindelwald released in November, interest in this set had resurfaced.  I finally snagged a few packs during the holidays, and in five packs this was what my daughter pulled.

Retailing for $3.99 each at the Lego Shop or various online retailers like Amazon and Target, the price is just right.  With a figure, stand and two accessories, it's a great deal.  The details for these little figures as well as the character selections are awesome.  Collation of the packs for at least my box wasn't great.  Out of 5 packs purchased I got two dupes.  I rec'd a Dobby, and as well as 2 Mad-Eye Moody and 2 Professor Flitwick.  Each of the figures I pulled were from Harry Potter, but there are Fantastic Beasts characters as well.

The entire set has 22 characters to pull including some great classic costumes for iconic Potter characters as well a few more obscure characters.  The accessories are cute as well from Jacob's suitcase of baked goods to the Niffler.  Stores are starting to sell out of them as they have been out for awhile.  Most sought after figure?  Percival Graves which currently sells for about $15.00 on eBay!  Luna Lovegood and Harry with invisability Cloak right behind him at around $8.00.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 Stars