Saturday, February 23, 2013

Most of my friends that are into Facebook or App games are currently playing Candy Crush Saga.  The game by is available on Facebook, Android and iOS.  The game is your basic puzzle game where you must match candies to either clear the screen of jelly, set a certain amount of score or bring down to the bottom of the screen ingredients.  While free to download and play, the game charges quite a lot for extras such as power ups and extra lives.  The game at times are very frustrating, and probably purposely designed to do so, so that you would be tempted to buy the in-game items.  The game as of today is ranked 6th both on Google Play and iTunes.

Most of the complaints I've heard of the game is of these purchasable in-game items.  The minimum of these items are $0.99 for extra lives or moves.  But I've seen some items go for as much as $39.99.  With the limitation in place of a total of five lives at any time and the lives regenerating at one life per 30 minutes, you quickly run out of lives.  You can get free lives from your friends that play the game via a Facebook request.  But the power-ups are not available via this manner.

Personally, I've yet to buy an in-game item, never have, and don't ever plan to.  The most frustrating level I've faced thus far is Level 65 which took me about a week to complete.  In a lot of the levels you're limited by moves and often at times you really need to be LUCKY to have certain candy in place or drop to get those free power-ups necessary to clear a stage.

Here are some tips that I've come up with that may help you:

  • When your lives are full at five, do not accept an additional life from a friend yet.  It can't go any higher than five!  Instead, wait til your life goes down again and then go back and accept in your messages.
  • In later stages (around lvl 80 - 100) where ingredients are required to drop through the suction, there are some levels with dead spots where the item cannot drop anymore.  In those levels always tried to keep the ingredient in the same column where the suction is.
  • In stages where there are chocolate that spreads like a virus.  Try to avoid breaking blocks that set them free until you've accumulated a few free power-ups that will help you clear them faster once the chocolate is free.
  • What is common in most of these games, is that always try to work from the bottom up.  The reason is that you can often set up chain reactions where moves are precious.
  • Except for timer stages which are infrequent, take your time!  Take into consideration how each move can prepare your next move.
Overall, I have to say I enjoy this game as frustrating as it may be sometimes.  I'm currently on level 104 which took me approximately two to three weeks to get to.

Do you play this game?  Any tips that I haven't mentioned that you can share?

(image source:; screenshot from iPhone)

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