Thursday, February 21, 2013

I always tell my friends that are hooked on the AMC TV series Walking Dead to be sure to check out the comic book.  While some of the story arcs are overall the same, there's a lot that is different and to enjoy from the series that inspired the TV series.

Today I will be talking about issues #105 - 107 of the Walking Dead, with issue #107 just out earlier this month in February.  Just to give a brief recap of what's been going on leading up to issue #105, Rick and company are part of this community and has made friends with another community of survivors as well.  Turns out though that the other community is under the thumb of a warlord by the name of Negan.  Negan rules with a small army and a baseball bat he likes to call Lucille.  Glenn, one of my favorite character in the whole series meets Lucille tragically.  Carl feeling that his father is not doing enough to stand up to Negan, sneaks into Negan's base and is able to kill a few of Negan's men before being captured.  And that now leads us to ...

Issue #105 really gives us a glimpse of who Negan is as well as those in his community.  They all bow down to him as if he was an emperor.  And with five wives, he may very well be.  We also see another side of Negan in this issue as well in issue #107.  And that is a man who lives by a certain code that when respected means an easier life for you.  Case in point for issue #105, when he finds out that one of his wives cheats on him.  You would fully expect Lucille to hit the side of her head.  Instead the male adulterer gets a scalding reminder of what it means to disrespect Negan.  I really love the pace of this issue and the character development of Negan.  From this issue you can't help but start to like him.  Did I just say that?

As interesting as issue #105 was, #106 is one of those bridging issues between a great #105 and a good #107.  The best part of this issue would probably be the amazing two page spread by artist Charlie Adlard of Rick, Michonne, Andrea and Nicholas fighting off a zombie horde.  As mentioned before Carl is in the hands of Negan.  When Negan and Rick meets up at the end of issue #106, they were essentially looking for one another.  The issue ends with the great line by Negan, "I can't fucking wait until you see what I've done to your little boy!" to Rick.  It's definitely a great cliffhanger and you would expect the worst considering the cover of issue #107.

On the cover of issue #107 we see Carl's hat in a pile of rubble, so we can only assume the worst.  To be honest I've never been a fan of Carl.  Both on the TV series and the comic book.  Were he to have died in this issue, I wouldn't have missed him.  But Negan smartly plays with Rick's emotions leading to a nice head butt.  Negan admits to the poor choice of words and we see that Carl is fine after all.  Negan goes on to make his speech about being a reasonable man.  Which to my point earlier, this is a character I'm starting to like so hopefully he's around as an antagonist for another dozen issues.  But in the end of #107, Rick's spy Jesus, tells Rick that he's ready to meet Ezekiel.  This is a nice cliffhanger to issue #107 as your mind starts to churn as to who exactly is Ezekiel and how can he help with the problem of Negan and his Saviors?

This arc has been a great read thus far and has really been on all cylinders since the lull of Rick and gang joining their current community.  If you were to just start reading the book today and don't want to start with issue #1, I would say begin around issue #100 which will give you a good background as to their current situation up to what you've read today in this post.

Have you been reading Walking Dead?  What do you think of the recent issues?


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