Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last night I got to catch a screening for The Incredible Burt Wonderstone courtesy of Warner Brothers. I've actually never heard of the film before I got the invitation, so I watched the trailer on Youtube.  The main plot is that of an aging magician and his partner having to reignite their passion for what they do when challenged by a new magician.

The cast for the movie is star studded with Steve Carell as the magician Burt Wonderstone and Steve Buscemi as his partner Anton Marvelton.  Their young rival is Jim Carrey playing the role of Steve Grey.  To round up the cast, the beautiful Olivia Wilde plays the magician's assistant.  All four plays their role superbly. Jim Carrey's character Steve Grey is the type of magician that is similar to Crisis Angel where his acts can often be harmful to the body.  This was the typical Jim Carrey role when he was younger and I can't imagine another playing the role as perfect.  I am big fans of both Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi and they also don't disappoint.  There were at least three moments in the movie where I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna passed out!

Not that the movie is without its flaws.  For one thing I would've changed was the title.  Sure it's unique but it's not something that's easily remembered given it's length.  Perhaps that's the new norm now for Steve Carell's movie given his recent "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World."  Another flaw is that for all its big laughs, there are a few moments that are just flat.  For example, Burt and Anton's peers scene at the bar. The deliveries and dialogue by actors Michael Herbig and Jay Mohr are forgettable.  As well, more because of Steve Carell's character being relatively stand offish and dull.  There are scenes with his character that you wish can just past by quicker.  And finally, James Gandolfini as a casino owner just seems off.  His character bordered on the goofy side which is hard to picture him as I still remember the powerful imposing Tony Soprano.

Given everything that I mentioned though, go see the movie!  It's out March 15th and is the best comedy I've seen in a long while.

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