Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What a pleasant surprise last night taking the train home.  Along Ditmas Avenue all the way to Avenue N on the F train line I saw a sight I've never seen before.  The letters "LTE" on my iPhone 5 screen!  Now I have purchased my iPhone pretty much when it first was released which was several months ago.  When I first used it, I was dismayed to learn that Sprint had not rolled out 4G LTE to New York City.  Instead of defaulting to 4G, instead I have had 3G data service on my phone since.  For those of you who have used 3G and 4G there is a HUGE difference.  Every month I would search for news of when Sprint would start offering 4G LTE in New York City.  The forums had mentioned that 4G LTE was available in some parts of the Bronx since December.  But no news on the other parts of New York City.  The best I could find was that it should be available possibly by March which wasn't very reassuring!  I was seriously pondering whether or not to cancel my contract with Sprint despite still being early in the contract.

Do you have a 4G LTE phone?  Hopefully you have 4G LTE service!  Hopefully, they'll have it around my area of work soon.

(image source: http://www.geek.com/articles/mobile/sprint-4g-lte-pops-up-in-wichita-ks-20120713/)

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