Wednesday, February 6, 2013

If the above picture creeps you out, than I am insulted. I thought it captured my good side! LOL  The picture above was created by AMC's new Walking Dead app, aptly named Dead Yourself.  In the app, you take a forward facing picture yourself and then dead yourself.  You have the options of changing your eyes, mouth, and adding special effects such as a cage or changing the lighting.  There's quite a number of options to choose from.  Once your photo is completed it'll be saved to your camera roll as well you have the option of putting it on Facebook, Twitter, The Walking Dead gallery or e-mailing it to friends.

In the below right pic of my lovely wife, you see that the app is not without flaws.  If you notice in the eye area it blends in with the bars of the cell.  As well her face size doesn't fit well with the mouth area of this option.  Overall, I would still recommend it to everyone.  It's still a fun way to pass some time creating dead versions of yourself!

(image source 3rd pic:

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