Friday, February 8, 2013

Part two of Season Three is finally upon us as episode 9, The Suicide King airs this Sunday on AMC.  Here's a recap of the last episode, in case you've forgotten.  Spoilers galore if you haven't seen the last episode!

Merle and his brother Daryl are reunited at last but in a fight to the death courtesy of the Governor.  Michonne leads Rick and friends on a somewhat successful rescue of Maggie and Glenn.  I say somewhat, as Daryl is captured and they suffer the loss of T-Dog.  Over at the prison, we were introduced to new characters including a favorite in the comic book Tyreese.  Now that you're caught up, here are some of my predictions for the second half of the season.

This is of course all speculation, and the TV series haven't really followed the comic book to the letter.  So I am not revealing anything that was actually in the comic book.  For example, I think both Merle and Daryl do not survive the rest of season 3.  I think Merle bites the dust on Sunday, and Daryl shortly after.  I think Andrea after seeing the Governor for what he actually is tries to escape with Daryl and that's when Daryl dies sacrificing himself so she escapes.  I guess we'll see if I am right soon!

More spoilers, this time from the comic book.  From the comic book, the Governor is eventually killed by one of his own people.  But in the comic book it's the result of Lori being killed by gun fire that it happens.  Of course, Lori is already dead, so things will play out a little differently.  Also in the comic book, Rick loses his arm to the Governor.  I don't see them doing this yet, even if at all.  If they're going to have Rick lose a limb, I predict it would be another season due to another villain other than the Governor.

End of spoilers.

Are you a Walking Dead fan?  Do you read the comic book?

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