Saturday, March 23, 2013

My family and I got to attend the Big Apple Ponycon which is a convention focusing on My Little Pony.  The convention is a 2 day (3/24 - 3/25) convention located in downtown Brooklyn at the Marriott.  A two day pass is $65, while the Saturday pass is $45 and a Sunday pass is $40.

The convention in size reminds me of lot of the New Yorker Hotel comic book conventions with a drastically smaller marketplace.  As expected the main audience of the conventions are Bronies which are male adult fans of the current My Little Pony Friendship is Magic series.  However there were definitely a lot of girls and some children there as well.  You could probably walk around the entire marketplace within a hour just to give you an idea of  how big it is.  Most of the sellers were selling DIY items with some selling commercial items like comic books, trading cards and figures.  There was also a panel room, a museum exhibit room, an autograph room as well as a kids/crafts room.

The main stars that attended the convention included former director of the Friendship is Magic show Jason Thiessen and voice actress Andrea Libman who voices Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.  Tara Strong who does several voices including Twilight Sparkle had a last minute cancellation but will appear in a panel via Skype.  Comic book contributors Andy Price, Katie Cook and Stephanie Buscema will also be there with the latter having a booth at the marketplace.

Below are a few of the pictures that we took.  If you're a die hard fan I would recommend it.  But if you're a casual My Little Pony fan, I would say the admission is just a bit steep for what they have to offer.  But it's definitely a great first effort and I hope they will continue to have it and grow.

Con Tip!  Be sure to visit the ALOFT located a few blocks away from the actual convention for a free Pinkie Pie foil trading card from Enterplay.  It's located at level C of the Sheraton Hotel on Duffield Street.  Just show them your con badge for the free card.

Some friendly Cosplayers

Some of the DIY items they sold at the Marketplace  

 Pinkie Pie not looking too happy with my girl

 Exhibits from the traveling museum

Face painting at the Makeover Spa

Coloring at the Kids/Crafts room

 Our welovefine bag for picking up two T-Shirts

For more info on the con visit their official site at: 

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