Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I've recently read Batman Incorporated Volume 2 #1-8 in a single day.  The reason why is I wanted to know what happened to lead to the death of a major character in the world of Batman.  If you don't want to know who died then you'll want to stop reading right now.

While I've only read the first two issues of Volume 1, I don't think it is necessary to read them.  A lot of Batman's supporting casts are introduced and backgrounds explored in Volume 1 but you get enough information to skip it if you want.  Besides, Batman Incorporated Volume 2 seems to focus more on one individual than the network or team of Batman's allies.

The entire series has been written by Grant Morrison who for me is always a hit or miss.  For Batman Incorporated Volume 2 it has been a hit for the most part.  Favorite issue to read would have to be issue #6 which shows a future where Damian Wayne is Batman.  The issue is intense throughout as you try to piece together what exactly is going on in the beginning.  Other parts of the Volume worth noting is the interaction between Talia al Ghul and Bruce Wayne as Batman.  Jason Todd's thoughts on Bat Cow.  Yes, Jason Todd is back, and yes, there's a Bat Cow!

The artist on the series is Chris Burnham who does a very good job given all the action scenes.  Some of the layouts though especially where you have multiple shots is a bit of an overkill.  One example is just prior to when the major character is killed.  The art in those small boxes suffer greatly in my opinion due to the lack of details.

So who died?  Damian Wayne, aka Robin.  The series really should be called Batman and Robin, instead of Batman Incorporated.  The overall story arc is Leviathan (Talia al Ghul) looking to kill Damian (her son if you didn't know) to get back at Bruce Wayne (Damian's father, if you didn't know).  The whole background of how Damian came to be and his purpose by Ra's al Ghul, and Talia's relationship with Bruce is covered in the story arc.  It's interesting how Grant keeps the continuity of what happened before and not towing along the lines of the New 52 like the other titles.

It's not the first time a Robin has died.  Jason Todd was "killed" by the Joker back in Death in the Family in the 1980s.  I really like Damian as a character so hopefully he'll be one of those comic book characters that don't stay dead.  Maybe Grandpa Ra's will share his Lazarus pit with him?

Overall, I enjoyed the story arc, and look forward to reading more.  Have you read Batman Incorporated Vol 2 #1 - 8? What do you think?

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