Saturday, March 23, 2013

The latest movie by author Stephenie Meyer hits the mark for its targeted audience.  Unfortunately, I'm not the targeted audience.  The Host will draw many similarities to Twilight, with it's love triangle among the female lead of "Wanda" and the two male love interest.  While the acting and plot is a step above Twilight's first few movies, I still couldn't help but cringe at the cheesy romance lines throughout the movie.

The movie starts out interestingly enough but with no introduction to the situation of the world and how it came to be.  If you're wondering how the aliens took over the Earth then you're in the same boat as I am.  The Seekers, or the alien class that hunts down the remaining human race seems quite passive carrying knock out gas instead of actual weapons.  They are a parasitic race that prefers to conquer through bonding with the human but with the human mind trapped inside with no control of its body anymore.  When the death of a seeker in the movie draws disbelief and retreat by his peers, that tells you right away that they are a passive alien race.  Perhaps it'll be explained in a sequel, but questions like these among many others are left unanswered.  Instead we are treated to the inner turmoil of Wanderer the alien who is not "possessing" the human Melanie Stryder.

Wanderer/Melanie is played brilliantly by Irish American actress Saoirse Ronan.  I have never seen any of her movies before.  Among her credits include Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones.  The two love interests are played by Max Irons and Jake Abel which unfortunately doesn't get as much screen time to explore their past history.  Another standout in the movie would be the Seeker that works with Wanderer initially and becomes the main protagonist of the movie.  That role is played by veteran actress Diane Kruger.

While there are parts of the movie that I enjoyed like the dialogue between Wanderer and Melanie in her mind I would not be recommending this film.  You would not enjoy this movie unless you're into cheesy romance films.  I did not read the synopsis of the movie but did watch the trailer before I saw this screening.  From the trailer I was expecting a lot more action and science fiction than was shown.  Boy was I wrong.

Are you planning to see the film?  Did you see the film already, what did you think?

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