Wednesday, March 6, 2013

James Franco is no Judy Garland and thank God for that.  I grew up on the Wizard of Oz as a youth and could probably have sung you every note of every song, but again thankfully, Oz the Great and Powerful does not go down that route.  Oz instead is a visual beauty with a rich story full of interesting characters to latch on to.  In other words, I love the movie and highly recommend it.

Oz the Great and Powerful is a sort of origin story of the mighty or not so mighty Wizard.  James Franco playing the main lead does an amazing job as the charmer and con artist being swept into the world of Oz.  In Oz, he's touted as the great savior of a power struggle between the good, bad and naive witches.  If you love the original I cannot see how you cannot like this prequel.

Besides James Franco's amazing performance, Mila Kunis is awesome as well as the other witches.  Two new characters to the world of Oz are China Girl and Finley, both whom you'll adore when you see the movie.  Finley has a certain type of humor and China Girl a great bit of spunk that makes you wish you can see them more.

As mentioned before the visuals are stunning.  Not since Avatar (the blue aliens, not the animation turned live action garbage) have I seen 3D done correctly where it's enjoyable and actually noticeable in the film.  The imaginations of the designers in the landscape and the animals and floral is incredible.  The scene where Oz goes down a waterfall, or the river fairies spitting at Oz, are both amazing.  Have I told you lately how much I love this film?

I would be surprised if this did not do well in the box office.  Director Sam Raimi really hit a home run with this.  I hope there are more stories to tell where we can see Oz, Finley and China Girl in the big screen again!

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