Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last night I got to attend a screening of USA Network's new reality series The Moment.  The screening also featured a Q&A with the Executive Producer Charlie Ebersol and star host of the show, NFL great Kurt Warner.  The Q&A was moderated by Pastor and New York Times best selling author Max Lucado.   The event held at the American Bible Society in New York, was live telecast to over 300 churches and was Christian faith focused.

The Moment if you're not familiar is all about second chances.  The Moment lets the public nominate individuals who through circumstances were never able to pursue their dreams.  The Moments helps nine such individuals in this first season with the premiere episode airing tonight April 11th at 10pm ET.  Kurt Warner as the host shows as the nominees door to give them the good news and connects them to mentors that help train them for their dream job.  After a couple of weeks they're given an interview at their dream job where one of several things can happen.  They can be given a job or rejected.  If they're offered a job, they of course have the choice to accept it, meaning that they drop whatever they're doing now or reject it.

For example, the episode that was screened for us is the upcoming fourth episode that introduces us to Vince who use to be a star football player at the high school and college level.  He played and coached professionally in Europe but had to let that dream go as his father passed away and he had to take care of his mother and wife and newborn baby.  Many years later he owns a successful company and is still with his wife and has two young teenage daughters.  His wife knowing how much he misses on his NFL coaching dream nominates him and he is selected.  I won't tell you what the conclusion of the episode is but Kurt Warner connects him to a mentor that is a former NFL Super Bowl Champion Coach, and the job he is interviewing for is an assistant coaching job with the college football powerhouse Notre Dame.

The episode is great in that it is full of humor, humility and encouragement.  It's rare to find a TV show that doesn't contain adult situations in the form of violence, swearing and sex.  What makes The Moment stands out from other reality series is that it not only tries to help the nine featured individuals on the show but to have a multiplying effect outwards.  In the Q&A, Charlie credits Kurt with requesting this and thanking USA Networks for making it possible.  This is done through their site which allows churches and their members to register and share with each other their unique gifts that God has given them.  Churches by having a database of their members skills and dreams can better match up people and jobs that are needed in their community.  You just do not see too many shows trying to have such a positive impact on groups of people and not just one individual.  Not a Christian or part of a church?  That's fine, because it provides tools for individuals as well that gives you advice and connections on what to do to make that career switch if you want.  Of course some may find that in the pursuit of their dreams, that their dreams is not what they are actually after.  The best part of the websites the show and USA Networks develop is that everything is free to use.

As far as Kurt Warner as a host.  He makes a great example to the nominees in the show given his life story. From bagging groceries at a supermarket to playing in the Arena Football League to playing in the NFL with three Super Bowl appearances winning one of them.  But from the episode I watched his personality doesn't really come out like say a Ryan Seacrest does.  Of course though the focus of the show is on the nominees and not the host so that can be overlooked.

The premise is great, the episode I saw was touching.  But while I can't say this is a must watch TV show based on one episode, I would definitely recommend that you give it a chance.  If the other episodes are as interesting as the one I screened than I will definitely be watching their series all season long.  And to be clear, the show is not a Christian show, but rather a show any family can enjoy.  You can watch a trailer for the series here.

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