Monday, May 6, 2013

I haven't done an app review in awhile only because there really hasn't been anything that has caught my attention and ate away at my time til now.  Big Win MLB by Hothead Games Inc. has been my favorite past time as of late with baseball season in full swing.  Big Win MLB is a baseball strategy game where you build teams based on virtual cards you get from virtual packs (think Topps Attax).  Officially licensed by MLB, you have all the major league players and uniforms at your disposal.  As with real life baseball card packs, everything is random, meaning that it'll take you awhile if you want to get specific players from your favorite team.

 The game is free to download, but like most apps nowadays, it's built upon heavily on in-app purchases.  Their virtual currencies consist of Silver Coins and Gold Bucks of which you can buy with real money or earn by winning free tournaments or completing offers and watching videos.


When you buy packs you can get several type of cards.  Player card, Contract card, Big Impact card, Skill/Skill Boost card, and Uniform card.  When you first start off you'll have Bronze level players which are mostly your bench players.  As you get Silver level players and then Gold level, always try to continually upgrade your team.  If you have six players that are from the same Major League team, you get a Team Chemistry bonus which is extremely helpful in boosting your rating.

You can also micromanage individual players by piling on Skill and Skill Boost cards on the players increasing their attributes in such stats as Contact, Arm, Power, Run and Glove.  Try to save your larger Boosts for Gold players or players you plan to hold on to for awhile.

You can enter four tournaments with the distinction between Pro and Amateur is that Pro, you will face competition of any level, while Amateur, you will face competition at around your level.  Naturally when you first start off at a low level you'll be at a disadvantage in the Pro tournaments.

When you start a game, you can play up to three Big Impact cards.  Big Impact cards, allows you to influence the game in your favor by affecting various stats like having your pitcher issue no walks.  You're matched up randomly based on parameters for Pro and Amateur.

Once you're ready to play, you can watch the game in action in which you have no control of the action or choose to skip to the results.  The graphics for the game action is very mediocre, and I usually just skip to the end results.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this game to any baseball entusiast.  I rate the app 4.0 stars out of 5.0.  Here are some of my tips to help you start winning pennants.

  • Start off the game by watching the free videos to earn 300 Silver Coins each videos.  They're short, and you can watch on average about 5-10 a day.
  • Start off buying the Silver Packs at 1000 coins to begin just to build up your team.  But when you're looking for additional Big Impact cards, go for the Bronze packs.  The packs are cheaper and you get the same type of Big Impact cards.
  • When playing in tournaments for the pennant and you're on a losing streak, continue to play the rest of the games to get the completion bonus.  But do not use your Big Impact cards, and just conserve them for your next tournament.
  • Low on coins and out of videos?  Sell your Contracts that are 20 days or less, Injury Free Big Impact cards, and Uniform Cards.  For me these are the most useless in the game.
  • The rewards are a lot bigger for the Pro Tournaments than for Amateur.  Keep the risk/reward ratio in mind when using your Gold level Big Impact cards.
  • Be mindful of when players are out of renewals.  You may not want to boost up their skills if you're only going to lose the players soon.
I hope you find the tips useful and the game enjoyable as I did.  What games are you currently playing?

The game is available on Android and iOS.  It does require an internet connection to play.  And I believe can be played on Facebook.  My review is based on the iOS version.

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