Monday, May 20, 2013

Thor Lord of Storms by Animoca Collective is your typical tower defense game.  Enemies scroll from right to left toward your tower, which in this case is a magic portal.  The theme as you can tell from the title is Norse mythology, with characters like Thor and Odin.  Stop them from killing you or destroying the magic portal to prevent Ragnarok.  Note, my review and tips are based on the iOS version from Levels 1 - 27.

In the game you have the choice of three warriors to choose from.  By default you start off with Thor, God of Thunder, who has a balanced melee and range attack.  You can also choose from Brynhildr, a valkyrie, who is stronger in her melee than range.  And lastly Freyja, a goddess who plays like a sorceress, whose magic attacks are more powerful than the prior two.  I've gotten the farthest thus far with Brynhildr, up to level 28.  With Thor, I've gotten to the first boss at level 20.  Freyja, I've only completed a few levels and have been my least favorite thus far.

My past experience in tower defense games includes Army of Darkness by Backflip Studios as well as Garfield's Defense: Attack of the Food Invaders by Web Prancers.  In comparison to the two, Thor runs much more smoothly than Garfield in its controls and slightly better than Army of Darkness.  One of the things that Thor really shines is the variety of choices from selectable characters to allies to weapons, magic and items.  Though there is quite a variety, the major problem in this version of the game is being able to earn enough gold or gems to unlock them or level them up.  My colleague plays the Android version of the game.  In that version, you're able to complete offers via Tapjoy to earn more gold and gems.  In the iOS version there is no such options and thus you are limited to earning through victories.  You can still earn gold from your defeats but it's too time consuming considering your rewards.  In games like these, success has more to do with how well you can level up your characters and allies than with actual strategy.  The second biggest flaw I have is not being able to play previous levels completed.  This of course would've been a great way to earn more gold and gems fighting against enemies that are more in level with your characters.

Overall, I would still recommend this game if you enjoy tower defense games.  Only because while the game is generic to the rest, it is slightly better from the prior ones I've mentioned before.  That is of course not saying much as the graphics in this game are average and the music and fx repetitively annoying like a high school teenager.  I'll provide an update on this app when I complete the second stage.

Rating: 3.0 Stars out of 5.0 Stars

Tips and Strategy:
Some of these may be intuitive, but I hope it helps you out.

  • As with most Tower Defense games, I try leveling up the Arrow Towers first.  They provide you with offense that cannot be destroyed.  The first thing I upgrade with my available gems is the mana regen rate.
  • With Thor, the two magic that I like to employ most are Mjolnir Wind and Call of Lightning.  This is only because they cause more damage than Mjolnir Crush and I have yet to unlock Chariot of the Thunderer.  With Brynhildr, it's Protection of the Valkyries and Chooser of the Slain.  The invulnerability that the Protection provides is important not only for you but your allies.  I chose Chooser of the Slain because of its ability damage the air born monsters as well the fact that most of the monsters tend to clump together anyway.  
  • For allies, I primarily use Viking Warrior due to their low cost of 10 and their tank like life level.  When there are airborne monsters, I would employ Alfr as she is the only ally that can attack them.  However I find using magic (such as Chooser of the Slain) as a more effective and efficient way.
  • With each level start, I usually charge immediately across the field.  This allows you to whittle down the enemies so that there are not as much as much when they reach your portal.  The only time this is impossible when you have the red hooded.
  • The first boss which you'll face in level 20 (you actually face a weaker version in level 19) is all just brute with large health and melee attack levels.  After you clear out the other monsters, just keep sending waves of Viking Warriors and using your magic to eventually defeat him.

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