Sunday, May 5, 2013

Love is All You Need is your typical romance comedy.  While that is not a genre I'm typically fond of, it's was a mostly enjoyable movie nonetheless.  The Danish film was actually released in Denmark late last year but is finally making its way to the US this year in limited release this weekend.  The film contains both English and Danish with English subtitles.  The movie is led by Pierce Bronson and Trine Dyrholm as the love interests.

The premise of the story is that Trine Dyrholm's character Ida who has recently completed cancer treatment finds that her husband has been cheating on her while she was recieving treatment.  Their daughter meanwhile is getting married in Italy, of which the groom's father, Philip is played by Pierce Bronson.  Ida and Philip meets in the most unusual and hilarious circumstance as they head to the airport to attend their children's wedding.  Unfortunately, for me, that is probably the best scene of the movie.

While the movie is full of other laughs, the just shy of 2 hours long movie drags at points, trying to keep you interested with beautiful scenes of Italy.  The filming locations in Italy includes Sant'Angelo, Salerno, and Sorrento, Naples.  While the story could use some tightening up, the actors in the film are superb.  But boy do I long the days when Pierce Bronson use to play 007.  Between the two main stars however, Trine Dyrholm is the standout in this film.  I've actually never seen any of her prior films which includes Troubled Waters (2008).  She has won Best Actress several times for the Bodil Award which is the Danish Film Awards.

Overall, I give the film 2.5 stars out of 5.0 stars.  If you're into this genre, you would probably rate it higher.  For couples, I think it's a good date movie to see.  If you're a guy into action films then you'll probably want to steer clear of this.


  • Pierce Brosnan - Philip
  • Trine Dyrholm - Ida
  • Kim Bodnia - Leif
  • Paprika Steen - Benedikte
  • Sebastian Jessen - Patrick
  • Molly Blixt Egelind - Astrid
  • Christiane Schaumburg-Müller - Thilde
  • Micky Skeel Hansen - Kenneth
  • Bodil Jørgensen - Lizzie
  • Line Kruse - Bitten

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