Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I've had membership to Regal Crown Club for several years now and about half a year ago had joined AMC Stubs.  This is my comparison between the two movie rewards program.

Membership fees
AMC Stubs charges $12/year.  Every now and then you can find discount codes for AMC Stubs but they're quite rare.  Regal Crown Club is currently free to join.
Winner: Regal Crown Club

Free Movie Screenings
Both periodically offers free screenings in major cities.  Lately Regal Crown Club has been offering more free screenings than AMC Stubs.  However, AMC Stubs is more strict in its distribution of the free passes to ensure AMC Stubs members get these passes.  Regal Crown Club is a bit of a free for all, often leaving Regal Crown Club members standing with their pockets empty.
Winner: AMC Stubs

Free Upgrades
For popcorn and soda, with AMC Stubs you can request an upgrade to the next largest size.  For example buying a small popcorn and getting it upgraded to a medium popcorn at no additional fee.  Regal Crown Club does not offer this.
Winner: AMC Stubs

Reward Schedule
AMC Stubs is straight forward, for every $100 spend you get $10 credit to spend on tickets or concessions at AMC.  Regal Crown Club's rewards differs throughout your earning cyle.  Starting off you get 1 small free popcorn at 50 credits, 1 small free soda at 100 credits, 1 free movie ticket at 150 credits, repeat at every 50 credits.  Both have its merits.  The prizes are worth more with Regal but you don't get a choice of how to use your rewards.
Winner: Tie

Expiration Date on Rewards
For Regal Crown Club, drink and popcorn rewards expire after 60 days and movie rewards expire after 90 days.  For AMC Stubs you have 90 days to use your rewards.  Quite frankly, both sucks as they should do away with expiration dates.  However AMC Stubs is the lesser of the two evils.
Winner: AMC Stubs

Miscellaneous Discounts
For AMC Stubs, the Fandango ordering fees are waived while for Regal Crown Club members it is not.  For Regal Crown Club, candy are $2 on Mondays and popcorn are only $2 on Tuesdays.  Since I do most of my transactions online including ordering movie tickets, AMC Stubs no Fandango fees are more useful to me.
Winner: AMC Stubs

Overall, AMC Stubs to me is a superior program.  There is a $12 fee for the membership, but the amount of money you save on online ordering fees, concessions, and with 10% rewards, it is well worth it.  That said, you should also get the Regal Crown Club as well, only because it is free to join.

You can join at the below links or at your local AMC or Regal theater.
AMC Stubs: https://www.amcstubs.com/Enrollment/WithoutCard
Regal Crown Club: http://www.regmovies.com/Crown-Club/Create-Account

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