Thursday, June 13, 2013

Continuing from where I left off last time in my review of issue #105-107 here.  We start off with The Walking Dead #108.  In this issue we're introduced to a new larger than life character since Negan in issue #100.  Sitting on a throne with a tiger on the cover, you know this person is of importance. But just what is his story?  

In issue #108, Jesus takes Rick to meet Ezekiel who is the leader of his own community.  Fashioning his community into a structure of a medieval kingdom, Ezekiel is King to his people and oh yes, he owns a tiger name Shiva.  Jesus hopes that Ezekiel will lend his community's strengths toward a common foe in Negan.  One of Negan's trusted men Dwight who killed Abraham previously shows up during their meeting offering his support for their cause because of his shared hatred of Negan.  Rick naturally does not trust him and attacks Dwight.  Dwight convinces them that as an inside man, only with his help can they overtake Negan.

This was a nice introduction of Ezekiel in the issue and the conflict between Dwight and Rick is interesting as well.  Though not much is given to Ezekiel's origin yet.

In issue #109, there is not much that advances the story from the last issue.  Rick shares with Andrea his plans to defeat Negan which Carl overhears.  Carl is upset that he won't be part of the action until Rick assures him that since Carl is grown up now, he will be.  This of course brings a smile to Carl who you can't help but feel scared of him from what he's grown up to be in this environment.  Michonne meanwhile is upset at Rick for lying to her all this time about not taking on Negan.  The story ends with Jesus realizing that his friend Kal from the Hilltop Community whom he told about the Negan plot has fled to tell Negan.

The two main points I enjoyed from this issue is that Rick treating Carl like a peer now and the cliffhanger ending.  I feel there will be an eventual transition from this being a "Rick" story to a "Carl" story.

One of the more simpler covers from The Walking Dead but which brings a lot of excitement with the thought of Michonne taking on Ezekiel!  But first, issue #110 continues off with Kal's betrayal.  Jesus catches up to him with which they have a spirited conversation before Negan's men shows up.  Jesus talks themselves out of the situation getting a fist in the stomach for his troubles.  Kal asks Jesus that he not tell the others what happened.  Meanwhile, Rick brings a larger entourage to meet Ezekiel that includes Michonne in the group.  Misunderstandings between Michonne and Ezekiel leads to a who has the bigger sword moment.  But by the end of the issue, you can tell they share an interest in each other.  With Ezekiel even sharing the origin story of Shiva.

With a lot of tense moments, this issue was a step up from the previous issue.  But in case you haven't noticed, there really ain't a whole lot of zombies in this story arc thus far.

To start off the issue we see that not everybody in Rick's community is in favor for a war with Negan.  Andrea and Rick are discussing the upcoming battle and notes that The Kingdom has many more men than Rick's and the Hilltop.  However, Negan still outnumbers all of them combined.  At the Kingdom, Michonne is testing the sword skills of Ezekiel's men while he looks on.  Negan, meanwhile makes a surprise visit at Rick's community to collect crops early and makes himself at home when he finds out that Rick and company are out to collect crops.  Spencer who is the son of Douglas Monroe, former leader of the community, tries to get Negan to replace him as Hilltop leader.  This doesn't ends well for Spencer as Negan points out that he has no guts, since he waited for Rick to leave to talk to him instead of taking out Rick himself.

To me the whole point of this cover and issue is to show once again how dangerous and unpredictable Negan can be.  Also from Rick's conversation with Andrea, I can help but feel that there will be a future conflict between The Kingdom and Rick's community and perhaps the Hilltop community if they do succeed in taking out Negan.  The four issues has been slow, as they build up toward the war.  And as I've mentioned before, The Walking Dead between the four issues are seen at most in four pages total in this story arc thus far.  From when Rick's group first discovered the Hilltop til now the trod has been slow and for the most part uneventful.  With the biggest splash being the death in issue #100.  While I don't expect a major death every issue or even every other issue, I'll like to see a little throttle toward that war.  And of course a bit more walkers even playing into the war.

Have you been reading this story arc? What are your thoughts?

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