Monday, June 3, 2013

I attended the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con as a John Barrowman VIP.  The pass was a hefty $225.00 which included a stunning large lithograph of John Barrowman by artist Mike S. Miller.  Priority access to one autograph and photo opportunity with John Barrowman.  And of course 4 day admission (early access on Saturday and Sunday) to the convention as well as the Walking Dead #1 exclusive Variant Cover.  If you're not familar with John Barrowman, he is best known for his roles on Dr. Who and Torchwood as the charismatic and promiscuous Captain Jack Harness.  Introduced as a time traveler from the 51st century on Dr. Who in 2005, his character proved so popular he was given his own shown called Torchwood which ran from 2006 - 2011.

Besides Dr. Who and Torchwood his resume includes lengthy runs on numerous musicals and plays on London's West End to New York's Broadway.  Numerous other television and film roles.  He's made music albums, wrote three books, and has been both a participant and judge on various reality shows.  Currently he plays Malcom Merlyn on the hit CW show Arrow.

Even though he is an openly gay actor who actively supports the LGBT community, you couldn't tell from his playful flirts with the mostly female crowd there to see him.  His attitude toward his fans shows humility and appreciation which you don't often see from celebrities at comic conventions.  His autographs were $45 if you took one of their photo items or $40 if you want him to sign your own item appeared more than reasonable.  His photo opportunity was $55 though which I assume included a fee from CelebrityOps who runs that portion.  As I've said before, the VIP prority access for the signing and photo opportunity was extremely helpful and I would highly recommend.  Considering the costs of the signing and photo op separately, you're just paying $130 for the 4 day pass with early access to the show compared to $95 for a regular 4 day pass.  The only downside was that he was only at the show towards the very end of Saturday and all day Sunday.  This is horrible for fans who have to leave Philadelphia early on Sunday and can miss out despite having a VIP pass.

So what did I speak to him about in the short two minutes or so?  I asked him what projects he were currently working on aside from Arrow.  He said that he's working on a new entertainment project with ABC which he can't disclose at the moment.  He also was really impressed with Mike S. Miller's lithograph of him, and asked me to tell the artist so.  I don't believe he's scheduled to make any other appearances at least at a Wizard World convention this year. But if you have a chance to attend a show where he's appearing be sure to meet him.

Check out this exclusive video we took of him playing with the crowd prior to the photo opportunity!

Exclusive video:

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