Saturday, June 1, 2013

One of the areas that I spent the most time with while at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con was Barry Kitson's in the Artist Alley.  Because of that I got to do a lot of small talk with him.  I'll try to share as accurately as I can my conversations with him.

A veteran in the comic book industry, he has been in the business for 30 years.  He is from England and went to art school there, but became the only student that has flunked out of that school.  His teacher though has invited him back to be a speaker on several occasions much to his amusement.

His first published work is on Spider-man for Marvel UK.  Which was a dream job considering that he grew up on Marvel and DC comic books.  Comic books were hard to come by for him growing up as they did not have the comic books like they did in the U.S..  The UK market got the leftovers from the US newsstands, so it was a challenge yet enjoyment to see what would show up next at the newsstands.

I asked him what was his favorite series to work on, and he particularly enjoyed Legion and Empire.  He grew up as a fan of Legion, and his favorite members includes Cosmic Boy and Ultra Boy.

In regards to whether he saw any differences to working for Marvel or DC.  He said no, specifically of late with the Disney acquisition of Marvel.  The two are becoming more alike now, since Warner Bros. already owned DC.

Regarding why he does what he does in conventions. That is to offer free bust colored sketches if you're willing to wait.  He talks of an experience he had at a convention many years ago in which he saw an Artist turned away a child for a sketch.  He refuses to divulge the who, as the person is still active currently.

If you ever have a chance to visit a con for which he is attending, be sure to stop by his booth.  He and his helpers are always willing to talking comic books with you or whatever else may come to mind.  As always be sure to be respectful, and you will be treated the same way too.  

Last little bit of tidbit he shared.  He and his wife owns horses.  His wife loves horses and is always trying to get him to draw horses for her.  He claims he is not very good at drawing horses.  So if you want a sketch of Comet the Super Horse let's say, Barry may not be the best artist to ask.

Below are some of his sketches that he did for me as well as some I bought.  Be sure to check out the Youtube video of him doing a 5 minute water colored sketch of Supergirl.



== Supergirl in 5 Minutes! ==

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