Thursday, June 6, 2013

Without a doubt one of the most sought after movie screenings this season is the new Superman reboot Man of Steel.  From what I've seen thus far, the only way to get tickets thus far is to win them from a variety of entertainment web sites.  I've decided to give you a hand by consolidating the information in a single place.  Interestingly, all of the contest asks you to answer some kind of trivia relating to the movie.  Also worth noting, most of the below websites only have one pair to give away.  There appears to be a red carpet premiere on Monday June 10th, followed by another screening on Tuesday June 11th and Wednesday June 12th.  Good luck, and if you win, feel free to invite me!

(info below last updated June 6th 2:02pm ET)

June 10th Monday TBD
AMC Lowes Lincoln Square 13 - 1998 Broadway -
Deadline - June 7th 12:00pm ET

Terra.Com -,8c368fe6deb0f310VgnVCM3000009acceb0aRCRD.html
Deadline - June 9th (Time not mentioned)

KYSR-FM - 98.7 FM Rock-a-holics -
Deadline - June 6th 1:00pm ET

Vibe Magazine -
Deadline - June 6th (Time not mentioned)

June 11th Tuesday 7:30pm
AMC Empire 25 - 234 West 42nd Street -
Deadline - June 9th 1:00pm ET -
Deadline - June 9th 11:00pm ET -
Deadline - June 3rd 11:59pm to participate; Deadline June 7th 11:59pm to get additional votes

Location and time not mentioned but most likely same as above -
Deadline - (Contest Closed as Cap Reached)

Cinemovie.TV -
Deadline - June 10th 11:59pm ET

Latino Scoop -
Deadline - None mentioned

Our Tiempo -
Deadline - June 6th (Tonight, specific time not mentioned)

June 12th Wedsnesday  7:00pm

Cinemit -
Deadline - None mentioned

(credit to: for some of the above information)


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