Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I only got to see Red which was released back in 2010 this past Monday.  I've first heard about it at San Diego Comic Con several years ago when some of the contributors of the comic book was doing a panel on the book for which the movie is based off of.  When the movie came out in theaters, it wasn't really high on my list of movies to see and just fell to the wayside until this past weekend.  On Saturday, I was able to catch an early screening of Red 2 which I enjoyed.  I was told however that I am not allowed to post a review of Red 2 until it's release so look for it on July 19th.

Since I enjoyed the second one, I decided to go back and catch the first.  I would definitely recommend that you watch the first one before you catch the second.  Only to see how Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) and Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker) first met which was hilarious.  If you're not familiar with the story, Frank Moses is a Retired and Extremely Dangerous ex-cia black ops agents.  Hence the film title Red.  The movie doesn't follow the comic book exactly but rather expands on it with a who's who's of veteran actors uncharacteristically as cold blooded killers like Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman.  Frank and several others on a list who was involved in a Guatemala operation back when Frank was active are being assassinated.  Included in the killings was a New York Times reporter who asked one too many questions.  Frank not one to sit down, looks to see who is out for him and to give a little payback.  He brings along with him Sarah, a girl he's only met on the phone for which he had developed a creepy crush on.  His journey brings him to contact with former operatives he has worked with, all while CIA agent William Cooper (Karl Urban) is hot on his tail.

The story while amusing and entertaining tries to be too sophisticated with its plot with its twists and turns.  The twists seems to be created only to bring the motley cast to different locales than actually adding any substance to the story.  The superb acting saves the film from being too generic with my favorites in the film being Helen Mirren and Karl Urban.

Overall, I would still recommend this film.  As long as you don't put too much thought into it and just enjoy it for the humor and Helen Mirren gunning down people, you'll have a good time.  The movie has a much lighter tone than the comic book.  It's often easy to forget it's an action movie as well which some may not like.  The weekend it came out, it came in second in the box office with $22 Million, while Jackass 3-D also debuting was tops with $50 Million.  You can find Red on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video or your local DVD/Blue Ray store.

Rating: 3.0 Stars out of 5.0 Stars



  • Bruce Willis as Frank Moses
  • Mary-Louise Parker as Sarah Ross
  • Morgan Freeman as Joe Matheson
  • Helen Mirren as Victoria
  • John Malkovich as Marvin Boggs
  • Karl Urban as William Cooper
  • Julian McMahon as Vice President Robert Stanton
  • Ernest Borgnine as Henry, The Records Keeper
  • Richard Dreyfuss as Alexander Dunning
  • James Remar as Gabriel Singer
  • Brian Cox as Ivan Simanov
  • Rebecca Pidgeon as Cynthia Wilkes

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