Tuesday, June 11, 2013

General Zod the main villain in the new Superman movie Man of Steel is a relative unknown to most people who have not seen the Superman II movie or regularly read Superman comic books.  In this film, the role is played by Michael Shannon.  Like Superman, General Zod is from the planet Krypton and was a ruthless warlord bent on conquest and power.  In most tellings of his origin, he is banished to to the Phantom Zone along with his followers for trying to take over Krypton.  He is placed there by Superman's father Jor-el who is a scientist, and thus his hatred for Superman as the son of Jor-el.  Like Superman, when exposed to the Yellow Sun, he has all the same powers of him, add to the fact his military background makes him a formidable enemy.

The character was first introduced in comic books in Adventure Comics #283 back in 1961.  He was featured quite prominently several years ago in the story line "Last Son" and "New Krypton" in the Superman comic books.  He has yet to be a threat since DC Comics relaunched their books in their "New 52."

As mentioned before he was the main villain for Superman II but was shown briefly in Superman I played brilliantly by actor Terence Stamp.  I found it quite interesting that DC would choose to have him as the villain once again in the reboot.  Yes he ties well with an origin story.  But like I said, for most people that are not Superman fans or seen the 1980s films, he is relatively unknown.  Of course they've done Lex Luthor too many times, so he wouldn't be a good choice as well.  What I would've love to see is some of Superman's other villains that have not had the big screen treatment like Metallo, Brainiac or Parasite.  Perhaps in the sequel we'll see one of them.  But my bets are on Lex Luthor next.

I plan to see the film this week, look for a review soon!

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