Friday, June 28, 2013

Today was the start of Wizard World Comic Con NYC Experience at Basketball City Pier 36.  It's a bit of a walk there from the closest public transportation.  If you have a car I would suggest driving there and parking nearby or at the convention.  The convention was as I suspected a bit on the small side.  This is in terms of number of artists in the Artist Alley and Exhibitors.  The number of fans on a Friday show is usually more subdue, and was definitely lacking in numbers.  Given the large space and number of vendors it definitely did not feel crowded at all.

The largest crowds were at the photo opportunity area where guests like C.M. Punk and Whil Wheaton was in appearance today.  A number of the guests are not arriving until later Friday or on Saturday.

Pier 36 in which it is held is right by the FDR Drive, with a huge outside area, but no real lobby before entering the convention area.  This mean that you're subject to the elements while waiting to get inside.  What was interesting is that there are no food vendors in Basketball City itself, but yet there were a number of well known food trucks in the outside area.  The food trucks include Kimchi Taco and Gorilla Cheese along with about 4-5 others.  The main panel room is actually an outdoor area under a large tent as you can see in the picture.

One of the more popular tables at the conventions were Neal Adams booth.  As the cover artist for the Walking Dead variant that Wizard World was giving out, fans were asking for his autograph on their book.  Keep in mind though, he does charges for an autograph ($20).

While there were not many Cosplayers, those that did dressed up, looked great.  Not to mention the many professional Cosplayers at the convention like Tera Patrick who tried to hook up Wonder Woman with Superman.  My favorite had to be Macho Man Randy Savage.  Not only did his costume look great, he was in full character the whole time.

The convention continues on Saturday at 10:00am thru Sunday.  Tickets are still available at Wizard World's site or on location.  For more information on the convention or to purchase tickets, visit their site here:

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