Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2013 saw larger crowds on Saturday as all the celebrity guests were here in force.  Besides getting more sketches, I did my VIP photo op with Dr. Who/Torchwood/Arrow's John Barrowman.  I will put up a separate post up on that soon with exclusive photos and video that are hilarious.  I also got to attend two panels, the WWE Daniel Bryan and Ricky the Dragon Steamboat Q and A as well the Marvel Now to Infinity panel.

In the WWE panel, fans were chanting "Yes, Yes, Yes" to Daniel's entry.
For the Q&A the wrestlers talked about their backgrounds growing up and shared some hilarious road stories.  For Daniel, he shared about the one time he was with Ryback and another wrestler at Panera Bread.  In his story, he does an imitation of Ryback ordering in a confused burly growl that is hilarious.  For Ricky, he talked about way back during his days in the late 70s I believe, of when Tony Atlas was told to shine by the promoter for a 60 minute match over a long time veteran at the tail end of his career.  The match was ho hum and the promoter asked why didn't you shine?  To which Tony replied what are you talking about, I used about half a bottle of oil on myself before the match!  Daniel also discusses about the importance of playing the characters that the WWE creates for them, wrestling writers vs. soap opera wrestlers, Ricky's son back injury and more.

For the Marvel panel was led by Creative Talent Scout C.B. Cebuski.  With him were artists Phil Noto, Khoi Pham, and Leinil Yu.  Also with them were two editors.  Unfortunately not much new were revealed in this panel.  Questions directed toward the members include what their favorite character was, what obscure character or title would they love to bring back.  The consensus for favorite with two votes was Wolverine by Leinil and Phil.  C.B. would love to see Cloak and Dagger back.  For you Peter Parker fans, C.B. says as much as he is a Peter fan, Peter is staying dead ... for the immediate future.  A little boy asked about what new Marvel movies will be coming out that's not announced.  Unfortunately for him and the rest of the attendees, these are all known.  They also discuss about whether monthly books will go away in favor TPB.  No, due to financial reasons of monthly being better from a financial sense.  And why Age of Ultron has few Tie-ins vs. the Upcoming Infinity and which will be the format going forward.  The editors replied there is no set format, it's a case by case depending on the limited series.

As I've said before I will talk about John Barrowman in a separate post.  However, as I was leaving the convention I ran into Michael Rooker at my hotel.  I asked him what is he working on currently, which you may or may not know, he will be playing Yondu in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movie

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