Friday, July 5, 2013

Star Trek Legion of Super-Heroes was originally released as a six issue limited series by IDW Publishing along with DC.  Featuring two of my favorite franchises, this was a must read for me.  The series was released in October 2011 and ended in March 2012.  The collected graphic novel came out last month which is what my review is based off of.

I grew up reading the Legion of Super-Heroes on and off from the Silver Age to Present.  At comic book conventions when I usually get a sketch, it's of a LoSH character.  As far as Star Trek, I've watched almost every episode and movie there is of the original series with Captain James T. Kirk and crew.  This limited series presented truly a mashup of two very different but similar universes as it is explained in the books.   Both groups worked within a union or federation of planets for which represents the greater good in their respective series.

So just how did these two groups end up together?  First, I want to point out though, the covers are unfortunately very misleading.  A lot of the LoSH characters on the covers of the six issues are not actually featured in the story.  The core group of LoSH characters in the story are Brainiac 5, Cosmic Boy, Shadow Lass, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad.  For the Star Trek characters, all the main characters are featured, with only "Scotty" receiving less exposure being told to stay with the ship.

Now that said, the whole series is about time travel with quite a few surprises if you're fans of either LoSH or Star Trek.  The Writer, Chris Roberson, does a great job in capturing the personalities of each character which can often be lost with a such a large group of characters to write.  He brings in interesting twists on some timeless characters given an age old generic time travel plot.  If you don't want any spoilers, than just skip to the last paragraph.

Who hasn't seen or watched a show where a man from the future attempts to conquer his present by traveling to the past?  Got all that?  Now throw in two timeless villains, immortals in fact from each respective universes and tie them together and it suddenly gets a bit more interesting.  From DC Comics we have none other than Vandal Savage, while for Star Trek, the villain will be recognized as Flint.  Yes, in Star Trek, he wasn't really a villain, but alternate timelines and universes have that effect on people, even immortal ones.  But just how did Vandal Savage/Flint wound up conquering the past and controlling the future which both teams lands in?  That I will leave for you to read which to me was one of the best twists of the book.  What I can say is how cool it is that they're able to bring the Tardis and Flash's cosmic treadmill into the story, if even for just one splash page.

If you don't like spoilers start reading here again.

Overall, I would recommend the book to fans of both series.  As I said even though the overall plot is generic there is enough interesting twists to keep you oohing and ahhing.  The artwork by Jeffrey Moy is not the best I've seen by far, especially on facial details.  With a lot of inconsistencies in quality from excellent to average throughout the book.  The creative team though really shines when reimagining a mash up of classic LoSH villains Fatal Five as known Star Trek alien races but with their powers.  The graphic novel is also very cool in that it gives you all the variant covers which features some amazing art.  but as I mentioned earlier, some of the LoSH characters are not even in the story.  If you're a fan of neither series, you may not like it.

Rating: 3.0 Stars out of 5.0 Stars.

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