Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is a game by Gameloft available for both Android and iOS.  The game while free to download offers their different currencies as in app purchases.  I have had the chance to play it both on the iPhone and iPad with my daughter and find it cute and incredibly frustrating for a children's game.

I call it a children's game besides the wide appeal of My Little Pony specifically the Friendship is Magic iteration to Bronies which consists mainly of teenage to adult males.  The reason is the simplicity of the game play from building up Ponyville or Canterlot to playing the mini games.  The game will appeal to its fans with a large selection of ponies to unlock and familiar shops and buildings.  When you click on various ponies you'll even hear some of their catch phrases.  The story line of the game is pretty straightforward with the villain being Nightmare Moon casting a shadow upon the land.  You unlock areas with their currencies, where the power of money overcomes the power of evil!

While there are some things to like about the game there is just so many things wrong with the game as well.  Let's start with the currency system which consists of coins (bits), gems, hearts and shards.  Coins and gems you can purchase additionally with real money, but hearts are mainly earned through social action with online friends that played the game and shards can be earned by playing their pop the balloon game or a bit randomly from the ponies completing their jobs.  You'll find quickly that you're needs outpace your earning power leaving you a bit stuck in the game.  Besides shops, decor, and ponies costing you coins, gems and hearts, you also have to clear debris that consists of boulders, vines and wicked looking trees that will eat up your currencies quickly.

Additionally, while the animation is spot on and cute, it's strange to see that the ponies for the most part are just standing idle in groups usually when they should be working in their shops.  What would've been nice is to be able to click on a shop or home and see them in action thereby creating more mini games or perhaps a short video clip to enjoy.

Lastly, the mini games numbered three in total which involves catching apples, playing ball and tracing stars.  The games are used to level up the ponies to earn stars.  The more stars or experience they earn the more they can earn at the shops.

Overall, I would only recommend this game if you're a diehard fan of the series.  If you have a young child, I suggest you play along with them first just to set them up for less frustration down the line.  After a month of repetitive game play with the mini games you may find yourself looking elsewhere for your pony fix.  My tip for the game is whenever possible always try to upgrade to the best shops as soon as possible for more earning power.

Rating: 2.0 Stars out of 5.0 Stars

Credit to russianteam on Youtube for this.

If you're pretty much grown tired of the game like I am and being overrun with boulders growing everywhere with dwindling coins, and still want to unlock the rest of the ponies, then try this.  Not only is it a good way to get coins but the more important gems.  The cheat basically exploits a glitch but manipulating the calendar on your iPhone or iPad.  Sorry, Android users, I have not tried or heard of its use on your system.

  • Go to "Set Date and Time" on your iOS.
  • Start Day 1 of your daily bonuses on Oct. 30
  • Progress to Nov. 2
  • Go back to Nov. 1 (and to the game)
  • Select the blank 31 where it automatically moves it to the 30 (do not return to the game)
  • Select the blank 31 again where it moves you down to Dec. 1 (do not return to the game)
  • Change the month back to November.
  • Change the day to November 3
  • When you go back to the game now and claim the daily awards, it should loop from Day 1 through Day 5 and repeat over and over again, until you go back to change the date to November 4th (Preferably when you're on Day 1 again of the award cycle)




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