Friday, September 13, 2013

While today may be the release of the iPhone 5C and next week the 5S.  The most highly coveted tech gadget as of late would have to be the Chromecast.  The device which allows you to stream from phones, tablets, and computers to your TV wirelessly came out on July 28th.  Since then however, Google's shop as well it's licensed retailers like Best Buy has been having a difficult time keeping it in stock.  When I placed my order at the end of August, on Google's site the wait time was shipping within 1-2 weeks.

So just why is this device so cool?  It really has a lot of possibilities.  Unfortunately though, the main uses are streaming Netflix, Youtube, Google Play and Chrome on to your television.  Google are working on allowing more apps to easily "cast."  Independent developers have created apps that allowed for you to cast your own content to only be blocked by Google.  They claim that the device is still in its early stages and that it wanted these releases to be done right.  Rumors are that Google are afraid of upsetting content providers like HBO.

The set up is fairly simple as you can see.  I set up the device to read my mini iPad which took me to download the Chromecast app and having the device recognize my iPad as well as my wifi connection.  From there I am able to launch Netflix and while viewing a movie or show to at a press of a button, cast it onto my television.

Low cost - $35 retail price not including shipping and tax with no additional fees
Portable - Yes you can stream via an XBox or PS3, but carrying those around is not as practical;  Additionally, while you're watching Netflix on your TV you can still be doing something else on your iPad while the Netflix streams in the background
Wireless - No need for cumbersome wires, like when you use a cable to connect from a laptop to a television
Quality - As good as your wifi can stream.  Using 4G, the images are exactly as I see them on my iPad

Available usages: Only four thus far but more on the way
Requirements: Are fairly simple.  But it does require a HDMI TV which if you have an older one may mean you need an adapter.  Also you need Wifi of course to stream.

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