Friday, October 18, 2013

If you're a Whovian, then you already know this year is the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who.  The series which began in 1963, tells the exploits of a time traveling Doctor who helps those in need, saving the universe many times over.  The Doctor who is a Time Lord, has been played by several actors during its long run on BBC and other channels.  With the explanation that the humanoid alien can regenerate into a new body (and personality) when the old body is mortally wounded in human terms.

In conjunction with the 50th anniversary of this long running series, Perth Mint which releases commemorative coins for Australia has been releasing a series of gold and silver coins.  Their coins have been insanely successful given the popularity of the show.  The first 1 oz silver coin featured the Tardis (the Doctor's time traveling sentient ship) and quickly sold out here.  

The second coin released by Perth Mint was the 1 oz gold proof coin of the same design above but in 99.9% gold.  Limited to 250 only, it has not sold out yet.  Perhaps given its hefty price tag of $2,612.  You can purchase it here.

Their latest release is an 11 coin set, 99.9% 1/2 oz silver depicting the first eleven Doctors in color and their enemies in the background.  If you're following the series, then you know that a twelfth Doctor is on its way.  Til then, the 11 coin set will set you back $613 and limited to just 3,000.

Are you a fan of Doctor Who? Do you plan to collect any of these coins?

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