Thursday, October 10, 2013

 So starts another New York Comic Con!  Security is insanely tighter this year with their new ID check system as well as bag check.  It runs fairly smoothly and quickly in case you were wondering.  But prevents sharing of passes with friends to go in at the same time with a single pass.

Despite it being a Thursday, the fans were out in force today with lots of cosplayers on hand.  The most popular booths appears to be Marvel, and Nintendo.  Marvel has a ton of exclusive merchandise at their store, which caused lines to wrap around with an easily 2 hour wait.  Things being Thursday with its glitches, meant that no Marvel t-shirts were sold when they discovered that they couldn't tell which shirt was for men and which for women.  While at the Nintendo booth, you can try out any two games and get tickets towards cute Super Mario cat ears in different colors.

A Dalek display at a Dr. Who booth.

 These are the early birds for Thursday's con.

One of the first in line, Loki!

Yes, EnterPlay has a My Little Pony Trading Card Game coming out soon.  Sadly you can demo it, but cannot buy any packs.

And now the ladies of New York Comic Con!

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