Saturday, December 7, 2013

So I'm a few days late with watching the trailer for Amazing Spider-Man 2 and while it doesn't review a lot of new things, it does review some interesting tidbits.

Peter Parker is still with Gwen Stacy.  Sorry Mary Jane Watson, but this tiger is not yours yet.  This is still the early years of his career where Gwen is his girl.  We already know he'll face the Green Goblin.  Can we see the same fate of Gwen with Spider-Man and Green Goblin in this movie as the comic?

In the trailer we also see that the story is continuing off with the closing credit scenes where Peter's father is mentioned.  In the comic books, Peter's parents are spies which he doesn't found out about until later in life.  In this continuity he appears to be only a scientist that discovered Osborn's diabolical plans for... ?  We should find out the answers to this in this movie, it appears from the trailer.  I'm guessing it's more complicated than world conquest.

With any super hero movie, it's the villains that make or break the film plenty of times.  We see glimpses of the new souped up armored Rhino.  I would've preferred the traditional version from the comic books.  A Green Goblin without the traditional Goblin mask and pointed hat.  And of course Jamie Foxx as the Electro.  But if you look carefully at the 1:17 mark, you seel what looks to be the Vulture's wings and Dr. Octopus's arms.  There's rumors that this will lead to a Sinister Six movie so who's the Sixth?  It's possible that they could bring back the Lizard from the first movie.  Sandman makes a good logical course if they want to continue introducing new Spider-man villains to this reboot universe.  A more sensational choice would be Venom of course, but he's never been one for a team environment.

What are your expectations for the film?  Are you looking forward to this?


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