Thursday, December 12, 2013

In Candy Crush Saga's first true expansion, we're introduced to a new world of game play that adds an extra frustrating element to the game that we're familiar with.  Dreamworld is accessible if you've recently updated your Candy Crush Saga app, via an Owl icon on your map.  You can easily switch back and forth between day and night mode.

The added new feature is of course a quite sleep owl who must maintain balanced on a twig with two different colors on each side.  The colors represents candies that if you clear too much of, knocks the owl off of the twig making you instantly lose the game.  But as you clear both sides equally and fill up the moon, the owl temporarily goes away and even clearing some of the candies along with it in "moonstruck."

I've just started this morning and am only in level 15 so don't have any tips or strategies to share with you yet.  If you have some tips or strategies feel free to share it below!

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