Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Opened November 8, 2013 (Limited)
1 hr 23 min
PG-13 | Language, Crude and Sexual Content, Comic Violence and Partial Nudity

It's rare that I would come across a movie that I would find a complete waste of time and just down right hate.  Starving Games which is the sixth parody movie by Director Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer fills that bill to the tee.  The movie gets a half of a star just for being able to dupe film goers into watching their movies and being financial successes for the filmmakers to make more of this trash.  I remembered the film coming out late last year and lasting only a week at the AMC 25.  Here's why...

Once upon a time spoof films were actually good.  Naked Guns, Major Leagues, and Airplane! immediately jumps to mind.  Those had  clever jokes and star power, that Starving Games sorely lacked.  Their jokes references pop culture that are several years old and uses CGI that most teenagers could probably recreate with little training.  I really don't see where the $20 million that the movie has budgeted went towards.

Despite the lack of big names, I actually do like the main actors and actresses.  Maiara Walsh as Kantmiss Evershot, Cody Christian as Peter Malarky and Ross Wyngaarden as Marco all performed well in a poorly scripted and plotted movie.  The costumes are also quite good in the film mirroring those of The Hunger Games.  In particular the colorful costumes of the people in the Capital including Lauren Bowles as Effoff is almost a mirror image of the original.

I know part of the appeal of these movies is the ridiculous nature which makes it a parody.  But to me, this film is just an utterly lazy effort to just get a paycheck and get the film out in time to coincide with the Catching Fire release.  Why are they still parodying Avatar?  That film came out in 2009.  As well, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja pales in comparison with the popularity of Candy Crush Saga over the past year.  

Overall, I would not recommend watching it unless you're forced at gun point.  Even if your'e a Hunger Games fan, incredibly curious, and had a free Redbox rental, I would not recommend it.  Time is better spent watching the Hunger Games or any of the other spoof movies I've mentioned above.  The film is available On Demand as well Blu Ray and DVD.

Rating: 0.5 Stars out of 5.0 Stars


Maiara Walsh as Kantmiss Evershot
Brant Daugherty as Dale
Cody Christian as Peter Malarky
Ross Wyngaarden as Marco
Walker Anderson as Young President Snowballs
Chris Angerdina as Capitol Citizen
Joseph Aviel as Arnold Schwarzenegger
Diedrich Bader as President Snowballs
Beau Brasseaux as Chokehold Guy
Eric Buarque as Bruce Willis
Ian Casselberry as Skyblue
Christopher Matthew Cook as Guard
Danny Cosmo as Camera Man
Theodus Crane as Cleaver Williams
Kyle deKay as Ron Weasley
James DeWitt III as District Contestant
Darren Drude as Capitol Guard
Nick Gomez as Avatar
Gene Kevin Hames Jr. as Capitol Citizen
Michael Hartson as Bob Hylox
Juhahn Jones as Cinnamon
Mark Joyce as Detainee
Evan King as District 12 Resident
Chris Marroy as Stanley Caeserman
Bryan McClure as The Annoying Orange
Timmons Moore as The Annoying Orange
Josh Mueller as Equipment teen
Clint Michael Naquin as District 12 Citizen
Daylon Micah Othello as Hacksaw
Shawn Carter Peterson as RedFoo
Jade Roberts as Sylvester Stallone
Aaron Jay Rome as Oz
Trenton Rostedt as Thor
Jordan Salloum as Hawkeye
Jason Stanly as Jason Statham
Rob Steinberg as Jason Statham
Jerrad Vunovich as Contestant / Chokehold Victim
Dean J. West as Seleca
John Wettermark as Section 10 Citizen
Gene Williams as Chuck Norris
Wayne Xia as Capitol Citizen
Jesse Yarborough as Capitol Citizen
Lauren Bowles as Effoff
Eryn L. Davis as Rudy
Alexandria Deberry as Rudy
Alice Ford as Zitty Girl
Emily D. Haley as District 12 resident
Kennedy Hermansen as Petunia
Donna Hubbs as Capital Lady
Jamie Johansson as Capitol Citizen
Rhonda Laizer as District 12 Resident
Ashton Leigh as Dos Equis Girl
Kristin McKenzie as District 12 Resident
Taylor Ashley Murphy as Glammer
Erin Rementer as District 12 Resident
Katherine Jeanie Russell as District 12 Resident
Emily Jessie Thomas as District 12 citizen
Sarah Reid Vinyard as Hermione

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