Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's been awhile since I have done a comic book review on my site with the time constraints that I have.  But I thought this series was worth talking about that will appeal to fans of several genres.  Ghosted publish by Image Comics is by Writer Joshua Williamson, with interior art by Artist Goran Suzuka and Colorist Miroslav Mrva.  The story arc in the first five issues introduces us to master criminal Jackson Winters who is rotting away in jail until he is violently sprung.  The man that has him sprung from jail is filthy rich collector Markus Schrecken who has an unusual request for Jackson.  Capture him a ghost from the renowned haunted Trask mansion to add to his collection of supernatural artifacts.

Of course there's more than meets the eye to Markus's requests which we get to see slowly unraveled in front of us over the course of the story arc.  The story has equal parts House on Haunted Hill and Ocean 11 as Jackson puts together a team as the master organizer.  But Markus is not the only one with secrets as we learn of what happened in Jackson's last job that put him in jail.  Among those that Jackson has put together to capture the ghost includes Bobby Trick, professional con artist, Edzia Rusnak, professional medium, Oliver King, professional skeptic and Jay and Joe Burns, professional ghost hunters and reality show stars.  Accompanying them is Markus's eyes and ears, Anderson who makes Nikita 

The covers are by Sean Phillips which fully captures the "spirit(s)" of the book.  His style and Goran Suzuka is fairly similar leading to a smooth flow from cover to end.  The only gripe I have about the story arc is that it could have been longer.  Some scenes and in particular when some of the team attempts to escape the mansion during sunset could have been fleshed out more.  In addition, Anderson's actions appears illogical for a cold calculating person when she and Jackson are at odds against each other.

Overall, I highly recommend the first story arc which you can pick up in the first volume trade paperback available on Amazon here.  It's not easy to bring chills to a reader like a movie does with their creepy suspenseful sound effects.  Joshua along with his artists comes pretty close to capturing the eeriness of a horror film and the suspense of a crime flick with this series.  If you're tired of reading about Superman or the Avengers saving the world for the umpteenth time, give this book a chance.

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