Thursday, January 9, 2014

Opens January 10, 2014
1 hr 38 min
PG-13 | Violence, Intense Combat Action and Some Sensuality

The Legend of Hercules will have you yearning for Kevin Sorbo.  Lacking personality, Kellan Lutz disappoints as the lead character in a very poorly paced and uninteresting epic origin story.  From the beginning to the race to the end you will have your head scratching as to what you just saw.

There are just too many faults with this film, but let's just touch upon a few.  Let's take the famous Nemean Lion.  You of course wouldn't know that it was famous when it was attacking.  There's no mention of him until after the fact.  And quite short a scene it was.  As well towards the end you can see Hercules wearing the skin as part of his armor but there's no explanation to the legend of its impervious skin and thus why he wore it later.  Let's talk about the bad dialogue especially by Hercules's love interest Hebe (Gaia Weiss).  Like when she's making the already obvious point to her captor Iphicles (Liam Garrigan) whom she is being forced to wed.  From there we'll move to the frantic pace of the movie where you develop no feelings for the characters except for Sotiris (Liam McIntyre), friend of Hercules.  The CGI especially with the crowds of the arena when Hercules take on six adversaries looked so fake.  The 3D was uneven in that the slow motion battle scenes looked great but in the fast motion parts like the horses riding in the beginning will have you hurling.

Overall, I would not recommend this film.  While the action scenes are good, it's surprisingly sparse.  Only if you're a fan of male eye candy, would you bother to watch this for the numerous topless scenes that features Kellan Lutz chiseled body for the movie.  I enjoyed Scott Adkins as King Amphitryon and the before mentioned Liam McIntyre as Sotiris.  But other than that watch this film as a rental where it should have been a direct to DVD movie to begin with.  

Rating: 2.0 Stars out of 5.0 Stars


  • Kellan Lutz as Hercules
  • Gaia Weiss as Hebe
  • Scott Adkins as King Amphitryon
  • Roxanne McKee as Queen Alcmene
  • Liam Garrigan as Iphicles
  • Liam McIntyre as Sotiris
  • Rade Serbedzija as Chiron
  • Johnathon Schaech as Tarak
  • Luke Newberry as Agamemnon
  • Jukka Hilden as Creon
  • Kenneth Cranham as Lucius
  • Mariah Gale as Kakia
  • Sarai Givaty as Saphirra
  • Richard Reid as Archer
  • Spencer Wilding as Humbaba
  • Bashar Rahal as Battalion Commander #1

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