Saturday, January 11, 2014

Opens January 10, 2014 
2 hr 1 min
R | Strong Bloody War Violence and Pervasive Language

Lone Survivor which is based on a true story of an U.S. military operation gone horribly wrong is your must see movie for the month of January.  Operation Redwing puts four frog men (Navy Seals) near a town believed to be controlled by the Taliban as scouts for the U.S..  By when they are discovered by villagers the four men faced the dilemma of breaking the rules of engagement and executing them or letting them go.

I am not sure how much liberty Lone Survivor takes with the actual events that transpired.  But as far as the firefight scenes in the movie, they are graphically and quite bloody as you would imagine that day might have been.  Such so that I would only recommend this movie for adults with a strong stomach.  The makeup is amazing in recreating the flesh wounds that will have you cringing.  The acting especially by Taylor Kitsch (Michael P. Murphy) and Ben Foster (Matthew Axelson) were exceptional.  Mark Wahlberg unfortunately did not stand out for me from any of the other movies he's done lately.  Even with the importance of his role, his character portrayal remains the same from movie to movie.

Despite military superiority, the movie shows us just how the U.S. can be defeated at times with sheer numbers and home turf advantage.  It also gives us a glimpse as to how the soldiers train in order to deal with the situations in hostile territory which I found very interesting.  And of course the camaraderie the soldiers build with one another so they have each other's back.  Is this a military propaganda film besides just telling the courageous story of four men?  It definitely can be considered that but it's still an entertaining and yet painful film to watch.

Overall, as I mentioned before I would highly recommend this film.  It gives us a great appreciation for those that put their lives on the line for us for our country.  Because neither myself nor any of you reading this would probably ever want to be in the shoes of those brave men.  What I also liked about the movie is that it also shows that not all foreigners hate us.  The only thing I would've liked for them to do is provide subtitles for all the foreign dialogue in the movie which they don't.
Rating 4.5 Stars out of 5.0 Stars


  • Mark Wahlberg as SO2 Marcus Luttrell
  • Taylor Kitsch as LT Michael P. Murphy
  • Emile Hirsch as SO2 Danny Dietz
  • Ben Foster as SO2 Matthew Axelson
  • Eric Bana as LCDR Erik S. Kristensen
  • Alexander Ludwig as SO2 Shane Patton
  • Yousuf Azami as Ahmad Shah
  • Ali Suliman as Gulab
  • Rich Ting as SO2 James Suh
  • Dan Bilzerian as SOCS Dan Healy
  • Jerry Ferrara as SGT Hasslert
  • Scott Elrod as Peter Musselman
  • Corey Large as US Navy SEAL CAPT Kenney
  • Sammy Sheik as Taraq

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