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Opened October 11, 2013 (DVD December 31, 2013)

1 hr 34 min
R | strong violence, graphic nudity, some sexual content and language

Sweetwater is a bad ass revenge flick set in the western directed by brothers Logan Miller and Noah Miller.  Released late last year, the movie was released on DVD December 31st, 2013 and available for purchase here on Amazon.  While this western brings nothing new to the genre, it still is a fun film to watch with a strong female protagonist in January Jones as Sarah Ramírez.

The story of Sweetwater revolves around three bolder than life characters, the former prostitute Sarah (January Jones), Sheriff Jackson (Ed Harris) and Prophet Josiah (Jason Isaacs).  They're each after the other in some way, whether it be for revenge, justice, or lust.  The movie starts off with Sarah and her newlywed husband Miguel (Eduardo Noriega) moving in to their new farm to start a new life.  Problem is that their neighbors are the "Holy Land", run by fanatical religious man who has very powerful connections in this small town.  Prophet Josiah taking a liking to Sarah sets in motions to make Sarah one of his many wives.  Meanwhile, Sheriff Jackson is hunting down the killers of some relatives of the Governor of that state.  His form of righteousness includes prancing around and antagonizing his suspect (Prophet).

What I like about the film is the dark humor that goes along with January Jones character as she rights wrongs in the town.  The cleverness of her character in dealing with the voyeur shopkeeper is especially fun.  Additionally, I love the visualizations that the Miller brothers bring despite the drab setting of the old west.  For example, when January Jones is sitting in the chair in a white chair stained with blood outdoors.  Lastly, the three main actors all give amazing performances in this film in making you really connect or hate the individuals.

Overall, I would recommend this film.  The film is not for everyone given the violence and sex/nudity in the film.  The pacing is a bit slow, but is intriguing and thrilling enough to keep you seated through the lulls.  While the movie may seem generic to some, the veteran casts does a great job and making it enjoyable to watch.  The DVD which I watched includes a "making of Sweetwater", the audio of the closing song "Cold Grey Light of Dawn" by Hudson Moore as well as trailers.

Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 5.0 Stars



  • Ed Harris as Sheriff Jackson
  • January Jones as Sarah Ramírez
  • Jason Isaacs as Prophet Josiah
  • Eduardo Noriega as Miguel
  • Stephen Root as Hugh
  • Jason Aldean as Daniel
  • Vic Browder as Martin
  • Luce Rains as Kingfisher
  • Dylan Kenin as Jim
  • Keith Meriweather as Jonathan
  • Noah Miller as Levi
  • J.B. Tuttle as Curly
  • Chad Brummett as Sid
  • Logan Miller as Jacob
  • Kevin Wiggins as Barley
  • Kathy Lamkin as Bertha Jean
  • Ralph Alderman as Man
  • Amy Madigan as Madame Bovary
  • Laurence Chavez as Jeremiah / Screaming Man
  • Mia Stallard as Isabel
  • Jiji Hise as Gretchen
  • Jenny Gabrielle as Jolene

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