Wednesday, February 12, 2014

And Then There Was You
Originally shown on USA September 19th, 2013
Available on DVD and VOD February 11th, 2014
1 hr 39 mins

Joshua (Leon) and Natalie (Garcelle Beauvais) appear to be the picture-perfect couple, but looks can be deceiving. When Natalie discovers her husband has led a secret life, she is forced to deal with losing everything she loves. While picking up the pieces of her shattered world, the process of healing introduces some new-found obstacles in the form of a new love interest (Brian White). Now, Natalie must test the boundaries of her trust and the capacity of her heart before she can love again. Lynn Whitfield, Greg Vaughn and Trilby Glover costar in this fresh start romance from award-winning director Leila Djansi (The Ties That Bind).


Leila Djansi

Leon as Joshua Gilbert
Garcelle Beauvais as Natalie Gilbert
Brian White as Darrell Brent
Greg Vaughan as Corinth
Kate Nauta as Kayla
Lynn Whitfield as Sophia Brent
Lainey Lipson as Bracket
Trilby Glover as Marisol
Libertad Green as Corinth's deceased wife
William Mortensen Vaughan as Christmas party guest
Sahlima as Tash
Jon Morgan Woodward as Coach
Gabriel D. Angell as Dr. Morgan at Chrismas Party
Gloria Huwiler as Cashier
Leonel Claude as Christmas Party Guest

Review by Stephen M.

And Then There Was You is a surprisingly well put together and acted romantic drama that outshines anything coming out of Hollywood this Valentine's Day weekend.  Garcelle Beauvais's character Natalie Gilbert is put through the ringer after learning about her husband's secret family and then again with new beau Darrell (Brian White).  Through it all, this inspirational romantic tale teaches us that it's okay to get back up and live again.

Garcelle does an amazing job in this movie.  With the only grievances is that she does not show enough anger in the scenes in which she is expected to explode.  When slapping the face of her ex-husband she seems to hold back as well as when smashing the frame.  Otherwise, it is such a joy to watch her in this film in dealing with what any married woman would never wish for.

Not to be out shined, the men in the film do an amazing job in pushing Natalie to her limit.  Starting with her husband Joshua (Leon) to the other men in her life and comes into her life.  The seasoned veterans all perform well in challenging roles.  The film is well written in its grounded realism with an amazing soundtrack to accompany the film.

Overall, I would recommend getting the DVD especially for couples this Valentine's Day weekend.  Director Leila Djansi does a great job in putting together an excellent cast and film together that will have you believing in love again.


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