Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Divorce
Releases on DVD and VOD on February 4th, 2014
1 hr 55 mins

SYNOPSIS: Successful TV anchorwoman, Yolanda Massey (Dawnn Lewis), is celebrating her recent divorce by throwing herself a divorce party with her closest sorority  girlfriends. Coming along for the ride of her hilariously funny, nonsense BFF, Eva (Vanessa Bell Calloway), her younger sister, CeCe (Angeli Conwell), and her younger beau and a handsome ex-husband and you are in for an evening of raucous laughter, heartache and the ultimate surprise.

Review by Stephen M.

The play by Don Welch's focuses on Yolanda Massey (Dawnn Lewis) and her family and friends that are visiting her to celebrate the finalization of her divorce.  The evening is full of laughter, bickering, gossip and showmanship.  The mostly female cast is full of seasoned veterans that have been in movies and television shows that run the gamut from the 1980s to present.  While the acting is the strong point of the film, the plot suffers from long running dialogue that adds nothing to the overall plot.

The first fifty minutes of the film feels like what you would expect from guys trash talking in a locker room.  We're introduced to Yolanda and her sick adopted sister Tracey (Tammi Mac).  They're quickly joined by a few of Yolanda closest friends, with the plan of visiting the night club where Yolanda's new much younger boyfriend Kel (Rylan Williams) is a Deejay that evening.  The ladies fit into certain stereotypes like the snob Phoebe (Judy Pace), the loud mouth Eva (Vanessa Bell Calloway), and the reserved Viola (Freda Payne).  Despite their character flaws, what stands out from each of them and makes them such great role models is that they're all successful and strong.  But with their flaws, the audience can find a character in the play to relate to themselves.

For me, the film doesn't really start to be interesting until Thelma (Jonelle Allen) the mother of Yolanda arrives at the house unexpectedly.  From there, the heated animosity between mother and daughter with all the other ladies personal issues spilling over creates a powder keg of emotions for everyone.  The ending is a bit of twist and really not properly explored in my opinion.  Besides the surprise about Tracey, the twist with Viola and Victoria (Tatyana Ali) is only briefly touched upon.  While we finally get to see Yolanda's ex Brian, I am surprised he isn't brought out earlier in the movie and have more of a role.

Overall, I would recommend it to women who are interested in movies about relationships.  It's an empowering movie that is for a select audience.  Guys may find the dialogue uninteresting speaking from my own personal preference.  The actresses are exceptional despite the story wavering and trying to find direction at times.  On a few occasions, the filming is questionable with dialogue coming from an actress that is off the screen.

If you're interested in purchasing the movie, you can get the DVD here on Amazon; as well it is available on VOD.



Directed and screenplay:

  • Donald Welch


  • Vanessa Bell Calloway as Eva
  • Angell Conwell as CeCE
  • Tatyana Ali as Victoria
  • Dawnn Lewis as Yolanda Massey
  • Judy Pace as Phoebe
  • Freda Payne as Viola
  • Tammi Mac as Tracey
  • Keith Burke as Brian
  • Jonelle Allen as Thelma
  • Rylan Williams as Kel

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