Sunday, February 2, 2014

Walking Dead is back February 9th and I am excited!  I have a contest below, but here's some info on the second half of Season 4 to wet your beak (no spoilers)...

From Amazing Arizona Comic Con, Robert Kirkman the creator of the series is quoted...

“The rest of Season 4 starts February 9, and it gets pretty dark. I guess the answer is ‘yes.’ But just how far we go and what we do and stuff, you’ll just have to watch. But I will say that the show will continue to get a little bit bleak at times and a little bit darker as the world progresses, and as things get a little bit more dire as they have in the comic. So we’re not going to be pulling any punches, and there’s a lot of stuff coming up that AMC is very worried about, which makes me happy.”

From Entertainment Weekly, Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick of the series is quoted...

"I'm really excited about the back 8 episodes. I think there's a different tone to the back 8, and I think you're going to see a lot of characters that you haven't seen under the microscope as much all have their chance to shine. Man, he never gets a break.  It's not an easy guy to play ... I do think that Rick is in a very low ebb, and I think physically, in episode 9, you'll see a man who is frightened for the first time in a long, long time ... He's very, very weak and that makes him belligerent and aggressively challenging towards his son because he's scared ... He's lost. Mentally he doesn't quite know where to begin because he's just seeing his home demolished. He's in the worst place he's been.

Trailer of Season 4 Part 2:


Clip from next week's premiere of Season 4 Episode 9 "After":  

Want to know what's coming up on Walking Dead TV series, then look to the comic books!  While the comic books doesn't follow the show exactly, it does have some things that they share which you have seen and will continue to see.  So here's what's up for grabs. 

  The Walking Dead Compendium One and Two (Used but Excellent Condition)

Combined you are getting issues #1-96 of the comic book series, 2,156 pages of the undead.  This is the majority of the series taking you way past Season 4.  Because of the size, the contest is open to Continental U.S. residents only (Sorry, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands!). 

  How to enter: 
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3) Comment below with your name matching that on Facebook WHO you think will die in the premiere next week!  I will choose from the correct answers first randomly Monday February 10th.  If no one dies, then I'll choose randomly from all entrants.

Good luck!

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