Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Originally aired as web series in 2012, releases on DVD March 18th, 2014
1 hr 35 mins
Not Rated


Diego Velasco

Missy Peregrym as Chloe Jocelyn
Erfan Elias Edraki as Konrad
Kick Gurry as Rabbit Rosen
Manny Montana as Frank Parker
Olivier Martinez as Gustov Dobreff
Tonya Lee Williams as Donna Berg
Sonja Smits as Amanda Jocelyn
Joel Keller as Jim McCluskey
Christine Horne as Irina
Allen Keng as Tommy Sly
Alex Mallari Jr. as Winston Chang
Aron Tager as Arthur Hastings
David Bronfman as Ramon
Sarah Lian as Blue
Romina D'Ugo as Yelena

Review by Stephen M.

I had a chance to review Cybergeddon which you can actually win a copy on my site here.  The movie interestingly enough came out as a web series on Yahoo back in 2012.  Despite the unusual distribution of the film, it has every making of an enjoyable film with a good plot, interesting villain, and characters with charisma.  With cybercrime very prevalent in the news as of late with large corporations like Target being hacked, this movie sends a bit of chill down our spine as far as what else can possibly happen.

Cybergeddon if you look it up is a catastrophic failure of all computerized systems and networks through sabotage which is exactly what the movie is about.  But getting there, there's a bit of old fashion revenge thrown in with a battle of wits between hackers making for an interesting story.  Missy Peregrym plays as Chloe Jocelyn who works on the government's anti-cyber terrorism unit is framed by someone she thought she had already put away.  

The villain of the movie is Olivier Martinez as Gustov Dobreff.  He does such an amazing job as an evil cold-hearted hacker that you would fear to come across in a dark deserted alley.  Missy Peregrym on the other hand is at times awesome as well just a bit lost in the shadow of her eventual sidekick Rabbit Rosen (Kick Gurry).  The whole mother/daughter scene on the phone just weakens a character that in the beginning is so kick ass.  Besides Olivier, I really enjoyed Kick's character and Sarah Lian (Blue) despite her role being a limited one.

Overall, I would recommend picking up the DVD.  While it does suffer from some plot issues jumping all over the place, and incomplete revelation of motivation from the villain.  It is still a solid enough effort to watch and enjoy.  The ending is a bit open ended.  So I am hoping they make a sequel soon to find out what challenges will come next to the characters.


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