Sunday, March 23, 2014

Opens March 21, 2014 
1 hr 36 min
R | Brief Drug Content, Some Strong Violence and Language


Director: Josh C. Waller

David Morse as Eugene "Mack" McCanick
Cory Monteith as Simon Weeks
Mike Vogel as Floyd Intrator
Rachel Nichols as Amy Intrator
Trevor Morgan as Louis
Aaron Yoo as Carl
Tracie Thoms as Sister Alice

Ciarán Hinds as Quinn

Review by Robert R.

This day ought to have been the best in Detective Eugene Wellington 'Mack' McCanick's [David Morse] life. It's his birthday and tonight he'll be meeting his estranged son to patch things up and cement their relationship. And the neighborhood dry cleaner has agreed to do him a major solid and clean the suit on very short notice and refuses payment. New day, new beginnings! What could possibly go wrong?

His captain and friend, Quinn [Ciaran Hinds], announces his birthday to the squad congratulates him and warns that a cop should not get killed on his birthday. But on McCanick's desk is an envelope that would suck him into a maelstrom of panic, despair and paranoia. A street hustler and male prostitute, Simon Weeks [Cory Monteith], had been paroled three months ago after being framed for the murder of Congressman Langley. He is now out there somewhere and he knows something that McCanick wants no one else to know. So, ignoring the advice of his captain to leave it alone, Mack goes rogue with his unsuspecting partner, Floyd Intrator [Mike Vogel] in tow. He spins a thick web of lies to his partner that Weeks is the worst kind of perp who must be stopped - he is a rapist, small-time gangster, and murderer. 

Things fall apart quickly and, in a tragic mix up while chasing a shooter, Mack gravely wounds his partner and plummets deeper into the hell he has created. He must find and silence Weeks who he publicly blames for his partner's shooting. Now, nothing else matters - he leaves an apologetic message to his son - and the hunt is on. Mack wounds Weeks and chases him throughout Philadelphia cornering him in a mechanic's shop. In this confrontation, Mack is faced with his own responsibility and takes action.

This is a taut, gripping film, written by Daniel Noah and directed by Josh C. Waller, told in a series of flashbacks with David Morse doing a masterful job in the lead. It is truly unfortunate that this was Cory Monteith's last movie as it was a solid mature role for an actor who had been playing a teenager for almost five years in the series, Glee. Tracie Thoms, from Cold Case and who will be seen in Annie, appears as Sister Alice and Rachel Nichols, from Criminal Minds and Looper, is Amy Intrator.


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