Monday, March 17, 2014

Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz
1 hr 24 mins


Kieran Parker

Bryan Larkin as Dolokhov
Iván Kamarás as Fyodor
Michael McKell as Strasser
Velibor Topic as Arkadi
Laurence Possa as Osakin
Ben Lambert as Rogers
Alec Utgoff as Kostya
Vince Docherty as Klotz
Gareth Morrison as Potrovsky
Leo Horsfield as The Surgeon

Vivien Taylor as The Nurse

Review by Stephen M.

Outpost Rise of the Spetsnaz which is the third film in a trilogy of Nazi Zombie action horror shows us the origins of the zombies.  I have never seen the first two films, but enjoyed the action albeit very gruesomeness of the third one.  The actors especially the lead Bryan Larkin as Dolokhov, leader of the Spetsnaz squad does an excellent job flexing his muscles and taking Nazis out.

While I like the action in the film I do not get why they call them zombies.  Perhaps it's to jump on the Walking Dead bandwagon.  But aside from a few zombie attributes that we normally associate with them for a few, they're more super soldier rejects than zombies.  Tongue in cheek joke of the experiments is the American soldier they meet in the Nazi prison named Rogers.  He even goes to joke they should call him Captain.  This of course refers to Captain America whose civilian name is Steve Rogers.   A few of the Nazi genetic experiments do look like zombies, and the "hound" and a couple of others seem to have an appetite for ripping/biting at the flesh.  Some however look more like bloated heads atop of a bodybuilder's body.  And despite their double or even triple the size of their Spetsnaz opponents, they are more often easily taken out than you would expect.

Overall, I would recommend watching this DVD.  There are quite a bit to enjoy, from the beginning ambush scene to Dolokhov going through Nazis like Rambo would.  While there are some scary scenes, they are far and few in between to call this a horror film.  It is more action than horror which is actually fine by me.


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