Sunday, March 16, 2014


Limited release March 7th, 2014, releases on DVD March 18th, 2014
1 hr 37 mins


Directors: Todd Burrows, Christopher Folino


Chase Williamson as Ian Sparks
Ashley Bell as Lady Heavenly
Clancy Brown as Archer
Jake Busey as Sledge
William Katt as Matanza
Marina Squerciati as Dawn
Clint Howard as Gordon Eldridge
Scott Rinker as Mr. Docherty (as Scott Allen Rinker)
David Sobolov as Jason Driver
Larry Cedar as Mr. Prather
Esteban Cueto as Cain
Dave Hanson as Blasini
Stephen Kearin as Concierge
Jeremy Rowley as Orson
Austin Michael Coleman as Teenage Sparks
Chase Johnston as Young Sparks

Review by Stephen M.

Sparks - The Origin of Ian Sparks is the type of movie that you cannot judge by the cover.  Despite the goofy costumes which you assume is expected from a low budget film.  Sparks delivers a solid and original super heroes noir which you don't get too often.  In comparisons to bigger blockbusters like Wanted or the Watchmen, story wise as well as setting, the movie more than hold its own against the big names.  Like those films, Sparks is also based on a comic book, written by Christopher Folino published by indie company Catastrophic Comics.

As you can tell from the title, the story is all about Ian Sparks (Chase Williamson).  Seemingly a regular guy with no powers, he takes it upon himself to put on a costume and fight crime after his parents are killed.  Very reminisce of a little bit of Batman and Kick-Ass, he actually does fairly well for himself and even gaining a partner in the lovely Lady Heavenly (Ashely Bell).  They get in way over their head when confronting a serial killer Mantanza (William Katt) that has a mysterious past that ties to them unknowingly.

Not to give too much away, but Sparks goes from hero to pimp to murderer pretty quickly as he hits rock bottom.  But not all is as it seems when blinded by vengeance for the death of his parents and then later by what he learns about a particular day when he and Lady Heavenly faces off against Mantanza in which he blacks out.  Despite hitting rock bottom, there is a road to redemption, as Sparks learns a little more about his origin as the story goes along and his "powers."

Overall, I would recommend this DVD.  It won't blow you away as far as effects or costumes.  But the CGI adds a nice effect and feel to the film, contributing to that noir look.  The acting is relatively top notched starting with Chase Williamson and throughout most of the supporting cast.  The only gripe I would have is with the film going back and forth between present and past and even further in the past, it can be hard to keep up with at times.  Still there is enough here to enjoy especially if you're fans of this genre.


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