Saturday, April 12, 2014

Draft Day
Opens today April 11, 2014 
1 hr 49 min

PG-13 | brief strong language and sexual references


Ivan Reitman

Kevin Costner as Sonny Weaver, Jr.
Jennifer Garner as Ali Parker
Frank Langella as Harvey Molina
Tom Welling as Brian Drew
Chadwick Boseman as Vontae Mack
Rosanna Arquette as Angie
Sam Elliott as Coach Moore
Terry Crews as Earl Jennings
Denis Leary as Vince Penn
Ellen Burstyn as Barb Weaver
Chi McBride as Walt
W. Earl Brown as Ralph Mowry
Kevin Dunn as Marvin
Sean Combs as Chris Crawford[
Josh Pence as Bo Callahan
Wallace Langham as Pete Begler
Arian Foster as Ray Jennings

Review by Stephen M.

Given the insane amount of screenings, you always wonder what is the studio's strategy regarding a movie.  From my friends I haven't heard too many good things regarding Draft Day, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  The movie is not for everyone, as the film is full of nothing but dialogue and not actual football action.

The premise of the movie is focused as the title says Draft Day.  In particular the focus is on the Cleveland Browns and their General Manager Sonny Weaver Jr. (Kevin Costner) and what he does that day to hopefully make his team better at the end of the day.  But besides him, you also learn of the processes the negotiating and the lives their decision touches.  It's not an easy life especially on this day for Sonny.  His father who is a legend in the Cleveland Browns franchise has just passed away, and he has a not so secret relationship with a colleague who is pregnant to deal with as well.

Having the seventh draft pick, he makes some deals and further deals that may have non-sports fans confused or bored with what's going on in the film.  However, the film has enough laughs infused with drama to keep your interest throughout the film.  Most of the laughter provided by the intern and Sonny's mother.  It's nice to see Tom Welling on the big screen, which I didn't recognize him at first.  He plays the current Quarterback for the Browns that may lose his job if the Browns draft a QB.  Chadwick Boseman who plays one of the college players looking to be drafted does a great job as Vontae Mack.  While the romance between Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner feels to be just thrown in there, both characters does a great job in their roles even if the chemistry is not there.

Overall, I would recommend this film if you're a big sports fan.  I actually attended one of the Draft Days during the year they were filming so it's cool to see it unfold again on the big screen and what may go on behind the scenes.  Some of the trade scenarios may seem a little absurd, but that's part of the enjoyment with the film.  While I've said the film is not for everyone, I think there's enough there for even the casual fan.


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