Friday, April 18, 2014

A Haunted House 2
Opens April 18, 2014
R , 1 hr 27 min
Comedy, Horror


Michael Tiddes

Marlon Wayans as Malcolm Johnson
Jaime Pressly as Megan
Essence Atkins as Kisha Davis
Dave Sheridan as Bob Kearney
Affion Crockett as Ray-Ray
Cedric the Entertainer as Father Doug Williams
Gabriel Iglesias as Miguel
Ashley Rickards as Becky

Review by Stephen M.

While there is a lot of deja vu in A Haunted House 2, Marlon does go for broke in the sequel by raising his antics to new levels.  Marlon as Malcolm is cursed as we continue from where the first film left off with him, his cousin Ray-Ray (Affion Crockett) and his possessed fiance Kisha (Essence Atkins) driving in a car at night.  Things go sour and we're fast forwarded to one year later where Malcom is moving in to a home with his new girlfriend Megan (Jaime Pressly) and her two kids.

A lot of the same jokes are recycled from the first movie which means dogs are not safe and dolls are to be used sexually by Malcom in hilarious ways.  The fright level along with the sexual references are raised a few bars spoofing films like Paranormal Activity and The Conjuring.  Racial jokes are prevalent in this film more so than the last one.  With the focus being Malcom's neighbor Miguel played by the great and fluffy comedian Gabriel Iglesias.

While Gabriel is hilarious, the Mexican stereotype jokes gets a bit repetitive.  Jaime Pressly on the other hand is underutilized in the film.  I don't recall one scene in the movie in which she induced an emotion out of me, compared to Essence Atkins in the first film.  The kids on the other hand, especially the son Wyatt played by Steele Stebbins are great in their roles.

Overall, while there are some quite hilarious scenes, you may want to wait for it on Netflix or catch a matinee unless you're a huge fan of the first movie.  If you love the first movie, you will love the second one, even though as I have said, some of the jokes make their rounds again.  Because of the sexual situations and a few scary parts, the film is not for everyone and especially not for kids.  


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