Friday, April 25, 2014

The Suspect
Released January 23rd, 2014, Available on DVD April 22nd, 2014
1 hr 38 mins
Rated R


Stuart Connelly

Mekhi Phifer as The Suspect
William Sadler as Sheriff Dixon
Sterling K. Brown as The Other Suspect
Derek Roché as Deputy Riley
James McCaffrey as Polaski Sheriff
Rebecca Creskoff as Shannon
Lizzy DeClement as Heather
Bernadette Quigley as Meredith

Review by Stephen M.

The Suspect is an interesting film with many twists as the story unfolds.  We learn that there is more to the suspect or rather suspects than meets the eye.  Mekhi Phifer and Sterling K. Brown are bank robbers with a secret.  Unbeknownst to the local cops of the small town they are hitting, they are part of social/psychological experiment on racial profiling, and tolerance in law enforcement where the suspects are black and the cops are white in a predominantly white town.

But behind their story there's another story going on that's interesting but not told very well.  You get hints of what they're really up to now and then.  The movie relies heavily on flashbacks, but does so in a way that can be quite confusing than being helpful to understanding what is going on.  What you will like though is the strong performances the various actors including Mekhi Phifer and William Sadler displays.  The bank robbers are not the only one with secrets.

Overall, I enjoyed the film despite parts of the movie meandering for much longer than it should have.  The point of bank robbers could have been made much earlier but I guess the Director wanted to prolong the suspense of what was actually going on.  It is because of the slow plod to the end, some may be turned off from the movie.  The ending to me was just so so, as I would have hoped for a happier ending than was given.  Still the end ties nicely to the beginning and throughout as to the motivation of the two suspects.

The DVD extras include commentary by the Director and Producer, conversation with the Director, music video, extended scenes, making a scene and trailer.


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