Friday, May 23, 2014

Opens May 23, 2014
1 hr 57 mins
Rated PG-13
Comedy, Romance



Frank Coraci


Adam Sandler as Jim Friedman
Drew Barrymore as Lauren Reynolds
Bella Thorne as Hillary (Larry) Friedman
Emma Fuhrmann as Espn Friedman
Alyvia Alyn Lind as Lou Friedman
Shaquille O'Neal as Doug
Terry Crews as Nickens
Joel McHale as Mark
Wendi McLendon-Covey
Dan Patrick as Dick

Review by Stephen M.

Blended marks the return of Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler as an onscreen couple.  The first two times being The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates.  I am a sap for these type of movies, and enjoyed 50 First Dates more than The Wedding Singer.  Blended has the two leads, Jim (Adam Sandler) and Lauren (Drew Barrymore) going on a blind date with each other.  The night goes horribly as the setting is a Hooters restaurant, the food and decor and Jim's behavior is not to Lauren's liking.  And Jim finds Lauren a bit stiff to his preference.

We learn that both are currently single parents due to different circumstances.  You can feel a Brady moment will eventually happen as they share a common bond as Lauren has two boys and Jim has three girls.  Their paths continue to cross despite their disgust for each other as they wound up on an African safari vacation together through an unbelievable premise.  I enjoyed Drew's performance in the film, but Adam is still very one dimensional in his delivery of lines which is often flat.  Bella Thorne who plays Jim's teenage flat chested tom boy daughter really shines in the film with some of the best scenes in the movie.

My biggest gripe with the film would have to be poor execution of jokes at times and beating a dead horse again and again.  Case in point,  Terry Crews as Nickens and his band of singers appearing in the most inopportune of times over and over again.  Funny the first two times, and then we get the point.  Also with Lauren's character carrying her child to bed and repeatedly banging his head into a wall.  No competent mother would let that happen twice let alone four, five times.  I won't even get into Shaquille O'Neal's performance.  Why Adam felt they needed a retired NBA player with limited acting ability in his film I don't know.

Overall, I would recommend this film especially if you're a fan of their first two movies together.  Their onscreen chemistry together is great, and I love the interaction between Jim and his youngest daughter which reminds me of my own daughter.  However, as I mentioned, a lot of the jokes are repetitive and just not as funny as you would like.  There's a lot of racial undertones too  which some people may find offensive.  But that's to be expected from Adam Sandler whose known for crude jokes.


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