Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lewis Black: Old Yeller - Live At the Borgata In Atlantic City
Releases on DVD May 6th, 2014
1 hr 21 mins
Not Rated
Stand-Up Comedy


Review by Stephen M.

I have actually never heard of Lewis Black prior to recieving this DVD for review.  But I am a fan of stand-up comedy, so here we are.  The DVD is of Lewis Black's act at the Borgata in Atlantic City as the title says.  The show originally aired on EPIX and come out on DVD May th, 2014.  He is known for in his acts a lot of angry ranting on social, cultural and political issues.  You may have seen him before on Jon Stewart's show.

In his Old Yeller performance, he talks about topics such as social security, healthcare, alternative energy, the internet, social media and more.  While I do get chuckles out of his material, his style is just not for me.  He targets a more mature audience, in a manner that to me is self condescending playing up to his age.

Overall, I would recommend this as a rental if you have the chance.  If you're a fan of Lewis Black or his style of comedy than you may want to pick up this DVD.  Keep in mind, that he does curse and talk about adult material at times, so it is not suitable for young children to watch.  For me, the classics will always be Eddie Murphy's Raw and more recently Gabriel Iglesias: I'm Not Fat... I'm Fluffy.  Both of which you can also find on DVD.


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