Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lila, Lila
Released December 17, 2009 (Germany), May 23, 2014 (US, Limited)
1 hr 44 mins
Not Rated



Alain Gsponer


Daniel Brühl as David
Hannah Herzsprung as Marie
Henry Hübchen as Jacky
Kirsten Block as Karin Kohler
Alexander Khuon as Ralph
Godehard Giese as Tobi
Stefan Ruppe as Rolli
Henriette Müller as Sabrina
Simon Eckert as Roger

Review by Stephen M.

Lila, Lila a romantic comedy from Germany has all the makings of a classic film of its genre.  With lovable characters, and an interesting plot, the movie will grab your attention as you laugh and cry at and with David Kern.  Just who is David Kern?  Even he might have a problem giving you an answer as he struggles with lies after lies about himself.  David Kern played by Daniel Brühl, is as he would describe himself an invisible waiter.  That all changes when he meets Marie (Hannah Herzsprung) a literary aficionado.  He tries to impress her with a manuscript that he finds in a flea market and passes it as his own work.

Marie is so impressed with the manuscript that she sends it to a publisher without David's approval and receives positive feedback back.  David wishing to keep the girl of his dreams plays along as things spiral out of control as his manuscript is published.  He goes back to the flea market to find the origin of the manuscript and is told the owner is dead.  Somewhat relieved he attempts to take on this role of a rising star in the literature world while constantly looking over his shoulder.  His paranoia you see later in the film is justified as someone at his book signing asks David to make the book out to "Alfred Duster" the actual author of the manuscript he found.

Daniel Brühl is great as David Kern with his down to Earth looks and demeanor perfect for the unassuming role.  His expressions and delivery of lines are great in its simplicity and natural naivety of his character.  As well Henry Hübchen as Jacky, whose role reminds me of Bob (Bill Murray) of the classic 1991 film, What About Bob?, has a certain charm even if it's in an annoying way.  Another notable in the film is Kirsten Block as Karin Kohler, the publishing company's gopher for David.  She oozes a sense of style and sophistication while trying to deal with cut throats from other publishing companies as well the ever present Jacky.  Marie is wonderfully played by Hannah Herzsprung, but to me lacks the warmth and loyalty you would hope from a female lead character.

Overall, I enjoyed the film and would highly recommend watching it.  It is set to be released in New York at the Quad Cinema beginning May 23rd for a limited release.  One might gripe that the movie may not seem all too original.  But Director Alain Gsponer does such a great job in putting together the film based on the story by Martin Suter that you can't help but feel and love the characters and enjoy the film anyway.  The ending is perfectly done, not too sappy but yet warming to the heart. 


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