Thursday, May 8, 2014

Poseidon Rex
Released April 18th, 2014, DVD release on May 13th, 2014
1 hr 21 mins
Not Rated
Horror, Suspense/Thriller



Mark L. Lester


Brian Krause as Jackson Slate
Anne McDaniels as Sarah
Steven Helmkamp as Rod
Candice Nunes as Jane
Berne Velasquez as Henry
Gildon Roland as Tariq
Pulu Lightburn as Rafa
Remo as Raul
Phillip Coc as Captain John
Serapio Chun as First Mate
Paul Hyde as Ajay
Joe Requena as Azeem

Aaron Lauriano as Edric

Review by Stephen M.

There's something to be said about low budget disaster/monster movies and it's often not very good.  Unfortunately, Poseidon Rex doesn't break out of this mold with shoddy acting, poor story line and laughable CGI.  Aside from some eye candy for the guys in the form of model/actress Anne McDaniels, there may be no reason to see this other than the "Sharknado" mentality of watching train wrecks for a good laugh.

The story starts off with Jackson Slate (Brian Krause) searching for lost gold off the shores of beautiful Belize in the hopes of paying back some Caribbean thugs.  The charges that he sets off unearths something that he wasn't expecting.  What can be best described as a Tyrannosaurus Rex that can swim, or as Anne McDaniels's character Sarah dubs Poseidon Rex starts feeding on the local tourists and boats.  It's up to Jackson and Sarah and their friends to save the day.  Luckily they can easily outsmart the Caribbean thugs, break into old military bases that is conveniently still stock with weapons as well as the Caribbean thugs' hideout and use a rocket launcher among other things with no proper training.

Too name how many things wrong would really take all night.  From the effects of them firing the gun, to the acting of the Caribbean thugs, it's just a tragedy.  My spouse enjoyed the film as mentioned above for the comical value of it being unintentional.  There are a few bright spots to the film surprisingly.  I actually enjoyed the characters of Brian Krause and as well Berne Velasquez who plays Henry a local tour guide.  As well Poseidon Rex himself actually doesn't look half bad.  My favorite scene of the movie is when a guy jumps off a boat into the waiting mouth of Rex.

Overall, the bad just far outweighs anything good that I've mentioned.  Watch this only if you like movies like Sharknado and other low budget disaster/monster movies for a chuckle.  Otherwise just read this review and forget you ever heard the name Poseidon Rex.


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